The company at the forefront of digital marketing transformation

While the overwhelming global pandemic, otherwise known as coronavirus, has yet to cease, signs of hope are slowly starting to return to the business community. And, although this significant boost in morale has only just made its way back into many local companies, it has been at the foreground of leading MK digital marketing agency, 123 Internet Group, since the beginning of lockdown. 

Across the UK, businesses are marking an increase in customer enquiries, and, in some cases, recruitment. This positive shift has distinguished many businesses and set them apart from the rest. 123 Internet Group are among the minority who are currently expanding their client base and dedicated team during this time.

Business as usual

Throughout this crisis, 123 Internet Group has continued to support both long-standing and new clients alike. Over the last three months they have offered social media support packages for Chamber of Commerce members, and support for SMEs and charities turning to digital marketing to survive COVID-19. These packages were designed by 123 Internet Group to aid and strengthen other businesses during and after the pandemic. 

Alongside this, the team have been quick to support clients through robust social media strategy and management, marketing research and bespoke website design. 

Scott Jones, CEO of 123 Internet Group, said: “A mistake that many companies made when the pandemic hit was to shift focus away from marketing, however this couldn’t have been further from practical. Ensuring that your digital marketing is up to par during this crisis means that you are ready to jump into action once it steadies.”

Team growth

Where a lot of businesses had taken advantage of the Government’s furlough scheme, 123 Internet Group were fortunate to not need this support. Instead, the team have not only been keeping busy supporting clients during the coronavirus pandemic, but they have also welcomed three new members into their dynamic creative team, a social media manager, a creative designer, and an intern.

“We feel very fortunate to have remained so busy over the last few months. And, while the medium-term economic position of many companies across the nation could be classed as somewhat unstable, we are genuinely grateful to be using this time to expand our staff and knowledge base,” added Scott.

Office expansion

In order to support the new expansion within 123 Internet Group and support safe distancing measures, a second office, located close to Campbell Park has been reopened. This office now stands as a new home for some of the Social Media Team and the in-house studio is set to provide a dedicated space with a greenscreen for existing and potential video and photography projects.

Continuous remote working

Quick to leap into action to securely move their workforce home before the nationwide lockdown was enforced, this local, friendly digital marketing agency was able to successfully evolve to full remote working during the pandemic, utilising recent financial investment in connectivity, new hardware and equipment as well as cloud-based software. Both operational offices have been furnished with Perspex screen dividers, hand sanitiser, surgical gloves and masks to ensure that those returning to work are taken care of.

As a business community, we have approached a new era of working. And, while some organisations are finding it hard to adapt to the ‘new normal’, 123 Internet Group is using this time to launch themselves into a truly transformative company.

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