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Since its inception 25 years ago, ACS has experienced significant growth, going from strength to strength. Now that Gordon Howe, ACS long-standing Furniture Director, has announced that he will be stepping down, we look at the impact of one man, as he moves into retirement and makes way for a new generation of leaders.

Gordon, one of ACS first employees, joined in 1995 somewhat tentatively, considering a now-famous quote which the office still periodically reminds him of - something along the lines of “you’ll never grow ACS!” Though he’s more than happy to have been proven wrong as, over the years, ACS has become a leading workplace and IT business across the Midlands.

His hard work and dedication though have never been questioned, as Stephen Harley, Pre-sales Director, reminisces about Gordon’s first ‘dry-spell’ and how he got himself out of it. “He started to cut an inch off the bottom of his tie for every day he went without a sale, wearing the same tie day in-day-out and even making it a point of conversation with clients.” Gordon also had a picture frame on his desk with a quote that he evidently lived by and tried to instil in his colleagues.

“Become fired with enthusiasm to avoid being fired with enthusiasm.”

Considering Gordon’s departure and that of founder John Harley, ACS has an opportunity to breathe new life and innovation into the business with fresh blood. With young and hungry leaders stepping up into ACS Leadership Team, ACS is planning further growth in the coming years, whilst remaining true to ACS Core Values of “Attitude, Commitment and Integrity” in all that it does.

“We want to make ACS into a true innovator and leader in modern workplace design, showcasing what is achievable, to make the work experience as enjoyable and productive as possible,” says Gordon’s successor and new Sales Director, Michael Harley.

Gordon Howe - 1995
Gordon Howe - 1995

Increasing the adoption of ‘quiet zones’ and developing unique ways of collaboration, - amongst others - are on ACS agenda, as well as injecting a sense of ambition and fun into both ACS and its clients’ workspaces.

Whilst sad to leave ACS, his ‘second family’ will never be that far away and still expect Gordon to cook his office-famous sausage rolls come Christmas time. Gordon does plan on dropping by every so often, to catch up and chew the fat with a team that in his words ‘has never been better’.

For more information visit www.acs365.co.uk.