Workplace environments to be headed by design expert

Northampton-based ACS have been in the business of building workplace environments, technology and communications for over 25 years.

In February, they welcomed Lee Horsman onboard as Design and Marketing Director in a bid to supercharge their marketing strategy and illustrate how their workplace solutions can help businesses become more connected and efficient.

“We’re looking to simplify our messaging, which isn’t easy, because ACS offers such a diverse range of services,” explains Lee. “It’s a key differentiator for us, but we recognise the need to tell a better story about the wonderful range of IT and workplace solutions we deliver to clients.”

Lee spent 25 years in the furniture industry - a journey that started at a manufacturer based in Wembley in 1995. From there, he went on to work for some of the biggest furniture dealers in the UK, along with several blue-chip businesses that required his marketing expertise.

“I’d spent 12 years at my previous job and felt a refresh was needed,” Lee told All Things Business. “I thought that was a long time, but when I visited ACS for an interview, I quickly discovered that many of their employees had been there for a lot longer. It was clear that ACS lived and breathed their mantra of operating like a ‘family’. The enthusiasm shown by staff for the future of the business was so inspiring; I immediately wanted to be a part of it!”

Lee has picked up a wide array of skills during his career. Despite this, he suggests you simply can’t beat “good, old-fashioned experience”. In particular, Lee has spent a significant amount of time working on large projects - something that will serve him well at ACS.

“My new role at ACS adds to the responsibilities I had in my previous role,” he explains. “I’m now looking after the marketing team, and although I’ve worked alongside teams like this before, the breadth of ACS’ services and their enviable reputation in the market means this will be a real step-up and challenge I’m looking forward to. The team are already working fantastically, but I know that, together, we can develop even further.”

Lee isn’t shying away from the challenges faced in the digital economy, either. “It’s all about cutting through the noise,” he says. “I think we’re all aware of how much media and content there is to digest these days. With so many ways to be contacted and get your message out there, the word ‘saturation’ springs to mind.

“I love clear, concise messaging in marketing, and that’s what I’ll be building into the strategy at ACS. We can do so much for our clients, and we want to ensure they don’t miss out on anything that might benefit them.”

In particular, Lee is keen to help ACS drive with sustainability. “When it comes to furniture, we need to show our clients that we are delivering sustainable products. This should even come down to the fabrics chosen - an element that’s often overlooked by our competitors. For instance, fabric manufacturers such as Camira and Kvadrat are now providing amazing recycled products that we’ll be making great use of.”

“We’re delighted to welcome Lee to ACS as part of our drive to help clients with workplace and digital transformation,” said ACS Managing Director, Jon Thorpe. “Lee brings with him a wealth of knowledge from the design, furniture and interiors industry and his insight will add another layer of design skill to our in-house team. With his design and marketing guidance, we’ll be able to continue creating workplaces that help our clients attract, keep and retain the best talent in the industry.”

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