The changing face of recruitment

Diversification has been vital in an industry that relies so much on the personal touch, but has, in recent months had to see beyond what was once normal and adapt quickly to new ways of working.

At ACS Recruitment we responded quickly and efficiently to the COVID-19 situation both to ensure we survive as a business but also to continue to provide services to work seekers and ensure we effectively met clients’ requirements.

The permanent recruitment market has been hugely affected by the pandemic and many clients have either removed positions altogether or at best, have delayed start dates until post lockdown. The temporary market has continued in most sectors and the need for key workers, especially within the logistics sector, has remained mostly unchanged.

Our approach, across our Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes base, has been to maintain effective services without the need for that personal interaction. Our one-to-one consultation service had to change, and the need for remote working and solutions quickly became the norm after the Prime Minister’s lockdown announcement back in March.

Fortunately, all our employees have laptops and our phone system is available on our work phones, so we didn’t need to change much in the early stages. 

Our CRM provider was asked to enable a full registration process to be developed online so our candidates and potential work seekers were able to complete applications from the comfort of their own homes. Completed applications were then followed up with a virtual interview, over a variety of web-based platforms. This immediately meant we were fully operational and the service we provided continued smoothly.

One of our clients in particular has embraced the current situation and for them we have been recruiting over 300 customer service advisors, 200 of which will be home working across a seven-day working pattern covering 12 hours a day. This has proven a real success story - the client has embraced the need to recruit in a different way to normal and has entrusted us to recruit a skill set that previously would never have been discussed. 

Working from home is at an all-time high and we believe the landscape of the recruitment industry will change to fit around the market. Clients like the example above, who take a leap of faith by recruiting home workers, may well find it proves a real benefit to their business and those working for them. With the technology available to each of us – it’s now easier than ever to offer this, and enables businesses to be less rigid with their working hours where possible.

The recruitment industry is changing – the way we work is changing and the future uncertainty is still there for all of us. Let’s not allow this to dictate what we do, let’s ensure we think differently and get ahead of it now.

ACS Recruitment is taking part in a webinar on Wednesday 3rd June to explain to business leaders how they can make similar changes to maximise opportunity for skills at this time.

To join this webinar, contact Charlotte Patrick at

Chris Wright - Sales and Operations Director at ACS Recruitment
Chris Wright - Sales and Operations Director at ACS Recruitment