Five actions to take in very uncertain times

Embrace your teams

People are your business and it’s now more important than ever to ensure that everyone feels part of the collective. Talk, call, set up Microsoft Teams. Stay in touch and spread the word and the work (evenly).

Have a plan and work it

Be clear

Whether it’s clients or suppliers, be clear. Tell clients what you have done to mitigate the risk. Explain your business contingency plans. Communicate regularly.

With suppliers, work closely to complete existing contracts and commitments. They need you now more than ever. And you need them to maintain your client base.


Success through these times will be achieved by those that respond proactively. Look for ways to help your clients with their own uncertainties.

An example that caught my eye is a trade association events company that has diversified almost overnight into providing online webinars and training. Joining up speakers, delegates and location logistics has been replaced by an online portal facilitating everything they did before, just without the location! Speakers have a revenue and delegates still get their training. Win, Win.

Have faith

We are all in the same boat. Support your business community, yes even the competition. You never know what is around the corner. Businesses that survive will be more responsive, adaptable and successful when normal service resumes.

Pete Elliston - White Clarke Creative
Pete Elliston - White Clarke Creative

Better to be safe than sorry

Everyone will have their own personal view based on their own individual circumstances and the risk they believe that imposes to either themselves or their nearest and dearest. Quite early on we gave our staff the option to work at home if they felt the need and more recently, following the latest government announcements, have rolled out remote working to the entire team. We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry and if we can help reduce social engagements within the wider community, that has to be a positive move for all.

But this precautionary measure brings it’s own challenges. Keeping up morale and maintaining healthy mental wellbeing in difficult times, regularly checking that staff are coping well and encouraging downtime, are all more difficult to manage remotely. But when you look at the bigger picture the world faces, this is something we are lucky that modern technology can help us achieve. It’s frightening to think of the impact to the economy but how much worse would it have been ten years ago when we didn’t have the tools in place to work from home.

James Green - Boxx Communications
James Green - Boxx Communications

Remote working – Mobile voice and data

We understand that the COVID 19 outbreak, brings an uncertain and challenging time for businesses. dbfb is fully committed to providing uninterrupted service to our customers. As you would expect from a technology company, we have remote working capabilities in place, as standard. All employees are issued with, a laptop, mobile phone and secure internet connection. Our cloud-based telephony platform allows our staff to seamlessly take calls at home as if they were in the office and also provides instant messaging, screen share, audio and video conferencing capabilities. Our team can work from any location on any device with minimal fuss.

With government advice being updated daily, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain continuous service. As self-isolation is becoming more and more frequent, and school closures are now in place, remote working is key to business continuity. dbfb will do its utmost to support existing and new customers.

Short term support

If anyone needs short term support, we have a range of solutions that can be put into place quickly to help you with your service provision and remote working over these tricky times. This could be in the form of monthly mobile SIM cards, cloud-based calls, mobile phones and configured laptops, or video conferencing facilities.

Existing dbfb customers

If you are an existing dbfb cloud voice customer, we can provide a Collaborate UC Client, free of charge, for all your users. You can work from any location, on any device and your ability to service your customers will not be affected.

Mobilising your workforce will be seamless, we will remotely configure and provide training – free of charge.

Sam Lee - dbfb
Sam Lee - dbfb