Young entrepreneur helps empower people with skin conditions through new business

Young entrepreneur Lauryn Stoute, of Kettering, has started her own specialist beauty and skin camouflage business – Amor Sui - to help people in the Northamptonshire area feel their best, every day.

Skin camouflage is a cosmetic concealing process used to mask scars, birthmarks, tattoos and dermatological skin conditions, such as psoriasis, acne and rosacea. Utilising a combination of highly pigmented creams and blending techniques, Amor Sui’s technicians guide customers through the whole process to empower them with the necessary skills to apply their own concealers and feel their best.

“Skin camouflage isn’t about people hiding who they are, It’s about empowering them to be confident in themselves."

“Lots of people choose not to cover their scars or dermatoses, which is wonderful. But for some, skin blemishes can cause a lot of anxiety. Simple tasks such as going down the shops or catching the bus can leave people petrified in fear of questions, comments or stares. For these people – men, women, children – skin camouflage can help give a massive boost of confidence, and help them to live their best life.”

A fully qualified skin camouflage practitioner, Lauryn studied at the British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC).

“I had always been interested in beauty and make-up artistry, but it was seeing the effect of skin camouflage techniques first hand that inspired me to specialise in the field. Seeing how even the slightest blend can help completely change how a person feels in them self.”

Further to skin camouflage application and consultations, Amor Sui also offer more traditional beauty services including Bridal, Glam and Prom makeup services. Despite only just starting the business in late 2019, Amor Sui has already had several clients throughout the Nortmaptonshire region.

“I would say the most important thing for me as a start-up business is to get as much good content as you can out on social media. Videos, testimonials, blogs, pictures. People won’t know who you are unless you tell them, so get friends and family to share your message and get it out there as much as possible.”

For more information on skin camouflage and Amor Sui, please visit or email Lauryn on: