New Year’s resolutions? A new approach?

It is a New Year and January always heralds in a wealth of well-intended New Year resolutions and a conscious effort for a fresh start. The festive break is often a respite to take stock and reflect on the last 12 months. It is also a good time to review what has been working well and what needs - perhaps - a change in approach for the better. This can include what arrangements you have for you and your family and especially your children.

Every family is unique and the festive period may have highlighted if anything needs to be altered or changed. Family relationships are ever evolving and needs change especially over time and as families grow, develop and change. This is especially if you are no longer in a relationship with the other parent, whether recently separated or if you have been apart for years. If you are struggling or feel that the arrangements for your children are no longer working then it can be best to sit down and work out your options and embark on this New Year with a new approach, which can have long term benefits.

Often sensible and pragmatic advice that is child focused is best obtained early on before any issues or disagreements are allowed to fester and build up. Specialist family law professionals are committed and dedicated to achieving resolutions that move parties forward and towards a more positive future, whilst minimising the conflict. Many people do not know before they speak to an expert solicitor that there are options outside of a court process.

Mediation is a process that works time and time again because, although it is voluntary, it allows you to air any issues or disagreements at your own pace and in an environment which is far removed from the pressures of court. A mediator is a neutral, third party who can help you to calmly identify and work through any issues and to be more engaged, involved and creative in finding your own solution together. Mediation is also a service that is available to go back to should the need arise.

Likewise, you should bear in mind that your local family law expert can often offer a helpful and informative personal consultation to assist you to explore in confidence any issues or disagreements and advise you to find a constructive resolution which does not necessarily always involve the court. Many disagreements can be broken down and positively resolved by involving a specialist family law solicitor. This advice can be invaluable at a time if you feel lost in the enormity of the emotions and anxiety of a family dispute. Independent legal advice can offer objective and professional input to steer and guide you through the fog of disagreement and family breakdown and encourage all parties to focus on what is most important at this time – the children. It is the children who would benefit the most from all involved being able to work constructively and together to reach an arrangement that is in their best interests. It is the children who will then be able to see positive co-operation from the adults around them to know that whatever has happened and whatever else may happen in the future that, without doubt, they are the important thing. If this can be achieved then this would certainly be a resolution worth keeping.

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