The secret to award-winning customer service

When a business is a reseller of services, it can be difficult to demonstrate a unique selling proposition, but that is exactly what telecommunications provider Boxx Communications set out to do in its customer engagement strategy and the results are paying dividends.

In an industry where customer service is too-often poorly delivered, Boxx has built a reputation for the exemplary service wrap it provides to customers and is being recognised for the achievement.

Co-owners James Green and Dean Burgin believe that the best way to deliver outstanding service to customers is to start internally, in the way it manages its team. James says: “We strongly believe that by looking after the health and wellbeing of our staff they, in turn, will look after our customers.”

We’ve all heard the safety briefings aboard aircraft where flight attendants remind passengers to put on their own oxygen masks first before attempting to help others, warning that if you don’t, the result could be that you all go down. Well, the senior management team at Boxx believes the same can be said for looking after your team. They believe that if the team is happy, well-rested and healthy, the output they are able to deliver is considerably greater. Obviously, what makes each person feel this way is an individual thing, so that’s why it can be tricky to achieve.

“We believe an adaptable working culture encourages a more healthy work/life balance. Enabling staff to not only spend time with children and families at times that are important to them, but also to participate in out-of-work hobbies and interests is vital,” adds Dean.

It was this approach that led Boxx to be announced as one of four finalists in the highly competitive ‘Customer Service’ category at the recent Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards (MKBAA) held on Thursday 12th March here in Milton Keynes. The prestigious awards were themed ‘A Vision for a Healthier City’ this year and were looking to recognise organisations for their contributions to the mental and physical wellbeing of their workforce.

The honour of the MKBAA’s swiftly followed another milestone moment for the telephony and internet connectivity specialists. Just two weeks prior they were thrilled to take home the Gold Award in the ‘Service Excellence’ category at the MK & Bucks SME Business Awards, celebrated on in February at Whittlebury Park. This win was described as an amazing accolade by the team, who all thrive on ensuring that customers are at the heart of everything they do.

It’s been an incredible start to 2020 for team Boxx, delighted with the recognition for their efforts and continuing to reap the rewards in terms of happy customers.

James Green, Co-owner
James Green, Co-owner

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