Business growth – it’s time to accelerate towards success

For most people, thoughts of health and safety normally lead to high visibility jackets and work boots, but more recently, with the pandemic, the focus is very much on making sure workplaces are COVID-19-secure.

We have been helping businesses prepare for how to emerge stronger from recent events and at the centre of all their coaching has been our business accelerator seven-sector orbit.

The seven-sector orbit covers: Leadership & Management, Finance, HR, Operations and Sales & Marketing, which when adopted across the organisation in a cohesive manner, help businesses to not only manage risk but to emerge stronger.

It is vital that as a leader in your business, you provide the right environment for your staff and co-ordinate all of the additional activity - ensuring your workforce feel safe and continue to be motivated in these uncertain times… connecting with your team on an emotional level. More than ever, you need to lead the way, helping the business to adapt to meet customer and staff expectations, helping to minimise their anxiety. This is also a key time for planning and making sure everyone understands their role and the value they bring to the organisation.

It goes beyond just straightforward health and safety best practices, there is the wellbeing of people to consider, as we hear much anecdotal evidence of anxiety and stress, particular in the younger generations.

To maintain the COVID-safe workplace means investment in additional equipment and increased spend on cleaning and implanting additional hygiene procedures, so it is even more important to have the cash flow forecast up to date, to know where the spend increases are and importantly, when the money will come into the business.

It is a great time to agree payment terms and even negotiate new terms - that means you will always have cash in the bank. There are many ways you can get a cash injection for your business, look what Government grants are available and the new schemes for furloughed employees and the bonuses for bringing them back. With all this, you can now create one of the most important documents for your business, the cashflow forecast; a 12-week rolling forecast.

Depending on your size of organisation, you may find the demands increasing on the HR department. The communications to your staff need to be regular and you may need to review the policies and procedures, especially if you have a decentralised workforce. It is vital that employees have the appropriate training and it maybe a shift towards eLearning.

- Operational effectiveness takes on the additional dimension of being COVID-19 secure;

- The need to carry out the COVID-19 risk assessment

- Implement the additional need for cleaning

- Help people work from home

- Maintain the two-metre social distancing where possible, which needs to be monitored and potentially supervised.

Now is also a great time to signpost that you’re ready for more business. Sales and marketing need to work together to build the pipeline. The time is right to look for press coverage, raise the company profile and awareness of the products and services through engagement on social media platforms.

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