Bouncing back thanks to expert advice

You can depend on Bright Business Advice to be your catalyst for change, to deliver the growth and abundance you are looking for, giving you, the business owner, the gift of a better life - life away from the business, rather than the business taking over your life.

You can gain easy access to a team of award-winning coaches across Northamptonshire and beyond, each bringing their own unique blend of industry sector experience and coaching expertise. 

Bright Business Advice work every day with ambitious business owners who want to achieve rapid, sustainable growth and reach peak performance.  If you’re looking to discover how you can transform your business, then read on…

You can join over 500 clients that have already benefited from the award winning 7-sector business model – the Bright Orbit.  We understand the daily challenges. Our advisers have all run successful companies and are now looking to share that wealth of knowledge and experience with you - all built around the Bright Orbit.

Being an expert in your trade or profession, doesn’t necessarily make you an expert at running a business. How many fantastic football players have won countless trophies playing, yet have failed miserably when it comes to the managerial aspect of the game?

In fact, there are a lot of parallels between sportsmen and women and prosperous business owners, they both have a coach… 

Many business owners experience frustration as a result of not having the right systems in place to manage cash flow, the right training protocols to develop and build a highly motivated and effective team.

The Bright Business 7-sector Orbit model will help you take your business to the next level, by ensuring your business is working like a well-oiled machine by:

- Helping you design your business plan, implementing it, with a structured approach to the key areas of the business; Leadership and Management, Finance, Operations, HR, Marketing and Sales.

- Improving profitability to create a more solid and sustainable business.

- Achieving Rapid Sales Growth: discover strategies that will allow you to generate large amounts of revenue, through better conversion rates in a shorter space of time.

- Providing outstanding customer service, to increase customer retention and generate more referrals.

- Systemising and organising to make effective use of your time and save thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs.

- Implementing smarter, lower cost marketing to attract more leads and customers without spending a fortune on advertising.

- Helping you to recruit great talent, lead and motivate your team to increase productivity, and foster a vibrant working culture.

- Creating a ready-to-go multi-touch marketing campaign that will ensure you beat the competition!

The effects of COVID-19 are evident on all businesses.  To accommodate the social distancing guidelines, we have had to change the way we ordinarily do our coaching.  Before March we were running many summits; day-long events supported by our sponsors, who contributed with sector specific, highly targeted advice. Over the last five years, the feedback has always been hugely positive.

Now, Bright have partnered with a number of Chambers of Commerce and Opportunity Peterborough to deliver a free two-hour Bounce Back webinar and six masterclass sessions. A great first step to experience how you and your business can benefit enormously from the insight from both Bright and the expert speakers.

These six masterclasses are two-hour sessions, being delivered via Zoom as interactive workshops. The sessions really highlight the power of the Bright 7-sector Orbit, consisting of Leadership and Management, Finance, Operation, HR, Marketing and Sales. It’s an award-winning tried and tested process that will give you, as an attendee, the knowledge and confidence to drive your business forward, emerging stronger from the effects of COVID-19, creating a better work-life balance.

Doug Wady, Managing Director Wady’s Electrical said about working with Bright: “It’s a comprehensive approach which really works. We got advice on software, sales, marketing and team engagement, leaving us with a can-do attitude which resulted in us winning awards and seeing our business grow from £2.7m to

nearly £6.5m!”

“Over the last 18 months we have grown our business four fold and recently won a number of six figure projects, as a result of a referral from Bright” Mike Brear, Managing Director, EML Electrical.

Steph Morris, BodyMek, said: “The net profit compared with the previous year is up by 316% having now implemented the Bright Orbit!”

For more information on how you can advance and grow your business through the masterclasses, book your place today on the Bright Bounce Back webinar.