Camelot selects Cawleys as its exclusive recycling partner

As businesses across the country emerge from the recent lockdown, more and more of them are recognising the importance of working together as a community and doing their bit to protect our environment. Camelot, operator of The National Lottery, is one such organisation. Keen to further enhance its environmental credentials, it recently appointed Cawleys as its local recycling and waste resource partner.

The partnership, which commenced in July, was established on the back of Cawleys’ reputation for outstanding customer service and its long-standing commitment to delivering truly sustainable waste management solutions. Cawleys collects a huge variety of waste for recycling and is one of the few local waste managers to have its own Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) which can sort and separate recyclable materials from all general waste. Any non-recyclables are sent to energy from waste facilities.

The partnership will initially focus on Camelot’s national distribution centre in Northampton and will enable the organisation to maximise its plastic and card recycling rates. Volumes are continuous and Camelot is self-segregating card and plastic waste into separate roll-on roll-off containers for Cawleys collection. This gives Camelot the option to get money back for waste materials where applicable. As well as segregated waste, Cawleys also collects Camelot’s general waste which is put through Cawleys’ MRF to maximise recycling recovery rates.

As operator of The National Lottery since 1994, Camelot’s primary objective is to maximise returns to National Lottery Good Causes through selling tickets in a socially-responsible way – delivering, on average, around £30 million each week to these Good Causes. The organisation prides itself on changing lives for the better, through making winners – both big and small – and supporting Good Causes, with over 565,000 projects receiving National Lottery funding to date.

Camelot is extremely conscious of the importance of responsible gaming. As well as actively encouraging National Lottery players to spend relatively small amounts when they play, it has numerous player protection measures in place, both online and in retail. As such, the UK National Lottery is ranked just 59th out of 180 lottery operators globally for spend per person – even though it is the fifth largest lottery in the world by sales. In addition to this, Camelot is committed to minimising any negative environmental impact from its operations and, where it can, looks to increase the positive impact it makes. With such a comprehensive approach to ethical practice across every area of its operation, further enhancing its green credentials was a natural progression for Camelot. While it has always promoted recycling as part of its environmental work, Camelot’s partnership with Cawleys will allow the organisation to go one step further. 

Commenting on the partnership, Rob French, General Manager at Camelot’s Northampton distribution centre, said:

“We are delighted to have agreed a recycling and waste contract with Cawleys. One of the reasons we selected the company was based on its sustainable approach to every waste stream. “Not only can we continue to have a process that segregates our plastic and card waste, which ensures any bi-products from our card and ticket manufacturing processes are suitably dealt with, but we also have a sustainable waste solution for our general waste. Cawleys sorting process goes above and beyond, so that even non-segregated waste will be recycled or converted into fuel. We couldn’t be happier with the tailored solutions that they’ve provided us with. “Ensuring that we continue to do what’s best for the environment remains a priority for Camelot and we’re very much looking forward to working with the team at Cawleys to continually evolve our recycling rates.”