Customer driven approach delivering new affordable homes

With the widely publicised national shortage of housing and the challenge to make housing more affordable, Northampton based Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd are applying a customer driven approach to delivering new homes with a focus on providing new affordable housing,

Local businessman Brian Harding is the driving force behind Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd. Established by Brian at his home in 2015, the business has now expanded and established a permanent office in Northampton during 2018.

Brian has spent his entire career in the construction and property industry, starting as undergraduate management trainee with Lovell Construction, whilst studying at Loughborough University. He spent his early career gaining extensive experience on large and complex commercial developments in London and the South East, before focussing on the residential housing market, where he gained further experience in the housing process from the identification of land opportunities right through to handing the keys over to happy purchasers.

The ethos of Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd is built around the value of communication, open and honest, but more appropriately consistent. Brian believes that the left hand should know what the right hand is doing so that every project is delivered to the highest possible standard, maximising the value received by all parties.

The passion and real talent in the team at Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd is cutting through the red tape and complicated projects with logical precision and experience to find the practical answer and way forward. There is a very good reason that the company is called Catalyst Land Solutions.

The business retains an established network of highly experienced consultants with experience of the full development life cycle, meaning that clients can benefit from the collective knowledge gained by his team. In total the team has amassed over 100 years in direct relevant industry experience. This network allows Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd to offer:

- Land search, appraisal and acquisitions

- Project management of consultant teams

- Marketing advice regarding open market housing

- Project procurement

- Employers Agent

- Contact administration

- Quantity surveying

- Clerk of works

Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd is a Corporate Partner of the Association of Project Management, a chartered body established to for the project profession.

Brian said: “We pride ourselves on being able to offer a full, holistic consultancy package, which our clients can use in its entirety or relevant parts, dependent on their circumstances and needs.”

“We embrace that the housing market is evolving, and Housing Associations are increasingly being encouraged to deliver more new homes, including through the direct acquisition and development of land. We can act as a critical friend and assist our clients in a partnership to deliver new homes and we see our growth as a direct result of the success we are bringing to our clients.

Sometimes this has meant confronting the challenges our client’s face in a professional but direct manner, in simple terms we will never give up for our clients and strive to deliver again

and again.”

This approach is being acknowledged within the wider business community, as endorsed below:

‘Thanks Brian, just glad to see it finally start and in my view that is every bit to do with your involvement so I hope the client appreciates the efforts you have made to get this agreement together and put the show on the road,” Abbeygate Developments

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Brian for many years on various schemes, including complex land development projects and sustainable urban extensions. Brian leads from the front and gets results.”

Ron Henry Partner, Peter Brett Associates LLP.

“The team and I are currently engaged in various projects that have the capacity to deliver over 2,000 homes in the Midlands and South East. If you have a development challenge that needs reviewing, or you wish to engage with us so we can assist in delivering your housing targets, then please do get in touch,” said Brian.

 Brian Harding Managing Director at Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd
Brian Harding Managing Director at Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd

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