Is your premises prepared for life after lockdown?

Although, at the time of writing, no one can be sure when the coronavirus lock down will be lifted in the UK, the one thing we do know is that as soon as it is deemed safe to do so, the UK government will waste no time in gradually allowing business and organisations to re-open. The UK economy is under serious threat as things stand and the sooner it’s safe to get the country back on its feet, there is little doubt the government will do so.

So how can your organisation prepare and what can you do now that will help you re-open as quickly as possible?

The first thing to consider is the essential clear-out and clean ups you can do whilst your premises is still empty. You may need to hire a skip or specialist interceptor service in order to clear any drain blockages or discard of rubbish. Your organisation might need an ad-hoc or emergency collection of un-wanted items or, particularly in the case of restaurants, pubs and the hospitality sector, out of date catering stock may need to be disposed of. Whilst shops, offices and car parks are unoccupied, this will be an ideal time to de-clutter or complete any essential maintenance work.

Once your premises is clear, the next requirement will be to ensure it is clean. The country has been shocked to the core by the coronavirus and people are quite rightly extremely scared of catching it or passing it on. Even when the lockdown is lifted, people are highly likely to be fearful of catching the virus and some may still be reluctant to visit ‘non-essential’ establishments. It’s also difficult to predict if the government will enforce a ‘soft-exit’ from the lockdown with limits on the numbers of people in offices, schools, and restaurants etc. However, whichever way things turn out, it goes without saying that people will want a great deal of reassurance that the places they are visiting are safe and clean. Establishments, businesses and organisations that can provide this reassurance are likely to prove far more popular than those that can’t. As such, now is the time to look your cleaning strategy and consider who will be best placed to carry out a deep clean.

So how deep does your clean need to be?

Once the lockdown is lifted there will be a natural lag between getting premises ready and re-opening. Owners, management teams, staff and customers are likely to be invited back into premises gradually, taking account of health and safety. Cleaning is obviously one of the most important steps in this process. Although it is entirely possible for businesses and organisations to perform deep cleans themselves, there will be limits to the standards achieved. Alternatively, specialists such as Cawleys, who have many years of experience in hazardous waste, have the knowledge and tools to perform cleaning at a much deeper level. Here at Cawleys, we are offering a specialist coronavirus decontamination service whereby trained personnel, equipped with personal protective equipment, will spray a specialist and safe chemical solution across all surfaces in your organisation. The light spray reaches nooks and crannies that might otherwise go un-treated and this will ensure that the deep clean is truly effective.

What other aspects of waste management can you prepare for?

With a likely gradual lockdown lift, now may also be a good time to review your organisation’s waste arrangements to ensure maximum efficiency. Conditions may be very different when we return from the crisis and you may need to re-evaluate whether your current waste arrangements are still appropriate. For example, some businesses may see a real surge in custom and will need to increase their waste collections, others, may need to change the way they do business or their main lines of production. Catering establishment or cafés, for instance, may only be able to offer take away food and drinks, manufacturing businesses may change the goods they are producing and as a result may generate a different type of waste. Additionally, with the lockdown having a potential positive effect on the environment, customers may want to see businesses try to capitalise on this by demonstrating more green credentials so it might be a great time to maximise your

recycling rates.

Working with a reliable and flexible waste and recycling partner will be of great importance. It is difficult to predict business levels when the lockdown is first lifted and usual scheduling may need to adapt on a weekly or monthly basis. Choosing a waste partner who will listen to your needs and help you save money through schemes such as recycling segregation will be vital.

Ultimately the key to preparing for life after lockdown will be working together.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, we’ve all realised how much our lives, livelihoods, and business are all inter-dependent. Choosing business suppliers and partners that are understanding, flexible and supportive, will help us all prepare for life after lockdown to ensure we all get back to normal as soon as we can.

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