Celebrating 30 years of business in Milton Keynes

Mercer & Hole has played an important role in the growth of many businesses in Milton Keynes over its 30 years in the local community. Looking back over those years, we have seen how computerisation has impacted the accountancy profession and the service we offer. Although reflection is important, looking forward is what Milton Keynes as a city focuses on, and, as business advisors, that is just what we do too! So what does the future hold? In Milton Keynes we have seen trials taking place of the first automated delivery systems. The layout of the city undoubtedly supports such innovation but it is no secret that Milton Keynes attracts progressive businesses and forward thinkers. So much so, in the technical arena, the city is having an increasing reputation of being on a par with the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. Advising businesses who are operating within a rapidly changing environment requires a set of professional (and human) skills which work in tandem with the advances in technology. This is particularly true in terms of audit; technology can improve both audit quality and drive efficiencies into the audit process and there is a real need to ensure this is incorporated into the audit process – if a firm does not they may not be giving their clients the best possible service. The audit of the future definitely needs to incorporate technology in what is fundamentally a three step process:

1. Extraction of the data

2. Performing analytics on the data

3. Investigation of exceptions

At Mercer & Hole, we are embracing the efficiencies and benefits automation offers but we remain very much a people business. The analysis of automated data and the understanding of the story behind the figures is what equips the experienced audit professional and business advisor to unlock the benefits of technology. If this approach resonates and sounds like we could help to shape the future for your business, please get in touch.

Steve Robinson - Audit and Business Advisory Partner
Steve Robinson - Audit and Business Advisory Partner

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