New director talks all things comms

Chandler Communications, a telecommunications specialist in Northampton, has announced the appointment of a new company director.

Box fresh to his new position as Director at Chandler Communications, James Ryan talked to All Things Business about his new role.

“I’ve been at Chandler Communications for eight years now. I joined the company straight out of university, and it’s been an amazing time.”

Although, James wasn’t a complete stranger to the working world when he started at the company as he’d dipped his toe into the sales water with a job at Halfords in his teens.

“It was a really good grounding actually,” said James. “I learned that being customer-facing is all about relationships and I’ve always loved mixing with people. At Chandler Communications, we have a good relationship with our customers which I think is testament to our customer care skills.”

These skills were recognised when the company won the Best Customer Service Award at the Northamptonshire SME Business Awards three times in a row in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“We were really proud to win this award as it is voted for by other businesses, so it really meant a lot to us.” Not wanting to hog the award, James jokes they dipped out of 2019 to give other businesses a chance.

James was promoted from Sales Manager to Director in March and feels he can give even more value to customers in his new role.

“As Sales Manager I got to know our customers really well,” he says. “I think this promotion gives those customers reassurance that I’m here for the long term. Also, they know they’re going to be getting that personal, one-on-one service that lots of larger companies don’t give.

“Sometimes customers never even speak to the same person at the bigger businesses. At Chandler Communications, we review our customer’s accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis. We’re always there to give them feedback and suggestions. It’s important to us to be proactive rather than being reactive.”

He also believes building a rapport is of huge importance when it comes to success in business.

“Professionalism remains our focus, but it is also key to keep the human element - our clients really appreciate that,” says James. “We’re always there for them. We’ll answer out of hours and we’ll make sure we see them in the flesh. The human element is essential, although we have had to adapt this recently in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Speaking of COVID-19, Chandler Communications took it upon themselves to be proactive and worked with customers during the earlier days, and continued to do so, with this ever-evolving situation to get them set up for remote working and adapt to change sooner rather than later, enabling them all to keep their businesses running and their staff safe.

“We’ve worked on apps and various other aspects of comms to get businesses set up to work completely remotely – and not just ‘work’, but for everything to work as well as if they were in the office.”

Tying up the conversation James is clearly thankful to his directors and all of his customers for the faith they’ve had in him.

He said: “Over the years I have learned that trust is one of the most important components for success and that customers having one point of contact helps with building this trust and also gives the customer more confidence.

“It’s also important not to be afraid of change. In an ever-evolving business climate, you have to be prepared to adapt and there’s always something to learn.

“It’s been an incredible journey and I’m really excited to see what the future holds.”

Chandler Communications offers a wide range of services to businesses to enable them to stay connected to their customers. From broadband and mobile, VOIP and landline phones, to the more niche items like vehicle and asset tracking systems

and CCTV.

For more information, visit, call 01604 880507 or email