CLICO launch new innovative web application to streamline and simplify clocking in

A new innovative web application has been designed which allows businesses to save time and money by easily keeping track of the working time of their staff.

The new application: CLICO, will help businesses save money on expensive clocking-in equipment whilst being able to know their staff’s whereabouts.

Dave Williams, Director of Northampton-based business onefoursix digital marketing agency, is now a director of CLICO and will be involved in the roll-out across Northamptonshire and the rest of the UK.

Dave said: “I’m really excited to share this new application with local businesses. It’s a game-changer for companies who are currently using a clocking-in machine or have a mundane way of keeping track of their staff.

“We know how time-consuming things like that can be, so we really wanted something that would benefit businesses in a huge way. Now they can focus more of their time on their business rather than the paperwork. The CLICO app will do the hard work for them.”

Employees will use the application to register their working hours, just as they would with paper, spreadsheets or a clocking-in machine.

The application includes features such as downloadable data, location tracking and various admin configurations to make it easy to manage shift work.

Chris, CLICO Co-Founder said: “The benefit of CLICO is that they remove the headache of manual work keeping on top of everyone’s hours as well removing the need for expensive hardware solutions. Business owners can then see who is in the office at that moment in time, who has clocked in and out, and how many hours staff have been working.

“We want to make it simple for businesses to manage their shift workers, most people have a smart phone or access to a PC so can simply use a web app to clock in or out. We have focused on the simplicity of the user experience to ensure this doesn’t take too much time in your day to manage so you can focus on more important things in your business.”

The clocking app is ideal for business-based workers, home workers, and those who have staff that are located all around different locations.

Businesses will get one month free to trial the application and there are four plans to choose from depending on the size of the business. This ensures you pay for what you use and can change at any time as your business scales.

To get the CLICO application rolled out in your company, or to find out more information email or visit