Proactive approach to ensuring safety in the workplace

Craig Ablett, Founder of Consulo Health & Safety Ltd
Craig Ablett, Founder of Consulo Health & Safety Ltd

Gone are the days when the health and safety experts stalked your business premises, clipboard in hand ready to sternly hand down their judgement.

Today, with the right advice from someone with a proactive approach, you’re more likely to find yourself working in conjunction with your health and safety consultant to create a workplace that doesn’t just tick all the boxes, but engenders an ethos of what needs to be done to keep premises and employees safe and well.

Consulo Health & Safety Ltd was founded earlier this year by Craig Ablett and already the feedback recognises his pragmatic approach, helping clients across a range of sectors embed good health and safety practices.

Furloughed from his employment during lockdown, Craig found out after a few weeks that he was to be made redundant, but he turned this bad news into an opportunity to follow a plan he’d had for some time to set up his own consultancy.

His experience in the myriad requirements of today’s legislation made him the ideal choice for those looking for advice, whether that was simply the regular annual update of accreditation and certification, right through to complete project management covering all aspects of health and safety.

Craig said: “Sometimes the best thing that can happen is that you’re forced to make a decision and setting up my own company was something I’d been thinking about for a long time. I started Consulo in May and set about getting my name out there, ready for lockdown easing, and I’d picked up three big clients within a few weeks.

“Of course, returning to work and social distancing has added a new angle to health and safety, and I can advise on that too, but mainly it’s getting back to business as usual, helping clients ensuring compliance across the board and positioning myself as someone to bounce ideas off or react quickly to a health and safety need.

“My approach is very different to the ‘inspection’, where you’re almost waiting nervously to see how your business fares. We’re trying to bring about behavioural change, offering help and advice and working out ways that companies can implement the legislation they need and apply it to their business. It shouldn’t be about box ticking, it needs to be a cultural change where everyone, throughout the business understands what is required and why and is invested in working towards a safe environment.”

In addition to consultancy, NEBOSH qualified Consulo can carry out documentation creation and audits, including risk assessments and COSHH assessments; assist in gaining and maintaining accreditation; and provide training information and arrange bespoke courses.

If, for instance, you have a visit from an enforcing body such as the HSE or Local Authority EHO and require support to close out or challenge enforcement action Consulo Health and Safety Ltd can support you through this process.

Industry sectors covered include education, manufacturing, construction (including asbestos), mechanical and engineering, warehousing, transport and office environments.

With larger organisations increasingly stringent when it comes to the accreditations of contractors, it’s vital for all companies, whatever their size to have full documentation in place.

“Health and safety legislation is there to protect everyone and it can be a minefield and companies often don’t know where to start,” said Craig. “We can act quickly to meet safety critical needs and get training and accreditation in place so that a business can move forward.

“I see health and safety as a tool to improve a business, not hold it back and we try to work together with the client towards a common goal, to ensure that any plans or projects that need to be implemented have a positive commercial outlook wherever possible, so that whatever it takes, we’re still getting their products out or their services delivered.”

Oracle Solutions in Kettering is a client of Consulo and said: “Consulo Health & Safety has a level of service that is impeccable, which is thorough and comprehensive, yet delivered in a way that is easy to understand. The advice and support from Consulo has been invaluable to us. Working with one consultant means that they understand our business and the service is tailored to meet our individual needs. It is a pleasure to work with Craig as he always deals with us in a friendly yet professional manner.”

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