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Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in today’s education arena. Thousands of schools across England are now part of multi-academy trusts, which are groups of schools in partnership with each other. Schools not only benefit from greater expertise by being part of a larger organisation but are also able to benefit from economies of scale and back-office support. As with any multi-site organisation, communication and connectivity are key.

Traditionally, a telephone system was purchased against a CAPEX budget, which meant it would be left to depreciate for five to ten years, before being replaced. Typically, cost was the defining factor, as call handling requirements were relatively simple on a single site. However, with the advent of multi-academy trusts, the cost and complexity involved with integrating legacy systems can often be underwhelmed. For those that manage to achieve this, the end result is likely to be a disjointed telephone system, with multiple points of failure, making it difficult to manage and causing unnecessary frustration for both staff and parents.

dbfb is experienced in working with multiple academy trusts and can provide an easy to budget, cost-effective, cloud-based solution. Academies benefit from a feature-rich and versatile solution, designed specifically for both single and multi-site organisations. It offers the features of a traditional IP (Internet Protocol) system, but academies can leave dbfb to worry about the maintenance of the system, whilst they focus on delivering on their educational objectives, as the infrastructure and its complexity is hosted off-site.

All legacy office and classroom desk phones will be replaced with the latest IP range from Polycom, and academies will further benefit from free calls to mobiles and landlines. By choosing to partner with dbfb, schools are still able to operate independently, retaining their identity, but also enjoying the benefits of an integrated ‘trust-wide’ solution.

Flexible and scaleable

dbfb’s solution offers unrivalled flexibility, allowing you to easily grow across multiple sites. Call routing can be set up to suit your needs and you have the choice of a centralised reception or multiple connected receptions. Extensions can be easily added and removed.

Easy to manage

You have the choice to manage the system yourself or to take advantage of dbfb’s managed service provision. The management portal is accessible on any device – laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.


Benefit from a fixed price per user per month, giving you: –

- a Polycom IP desk phone of your choice

- full access to call handling features

- free calls to all landlines and mobiles


The infrastructure and its complexity is hosted off-site and replicated in two geo-resilient data centres, ensuring business continuity in the event of any service disruption.

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