Food for thought: where to holiday if you are a foodie

It’s no secret that we all like to indulge in great food while we are on holiday and sampling local cuisine is a big motivator to many of us when we choose our next holiday destination. The number of nearby restaurants, for one, is undoubtedly an important factor when selecting your accommodation. But, it is also worth taking into consideration the reputation of a city’s native foods, how thriving the food scene is in general and how ahead of time it is when it comes to culinary trends. All Things Business spoke to Rob Gower of Dragonfly Traveller and he gave his tops tips for choosing locations that will be loved by ‘foodies’ all over the world.


Tokyo should be on the radar for anyone who loves food. It is often considered one of the world’s top places for dining and far surpasses any other city in the world when it comes to the sheer number of registered restaurants, with a staggering 160,000 restaurants to choose from! The king of Japanese food is without a doubt, sushi. However, other Japanese foods, such as ramen and wagyu beef, are becoming increasingly popular.


Moroccan cuisine is so much more than just tagine and couscous, especially in Marrakech, where the restaurant scene is flourishing. With its mouth-watering food made with exotic spices and textures, you will find eating in Marrakech is a delightful experience. You can eat breakfast in a sun-drenched garden or check out one of the swanky rooftop bars for lunch, raising a cocktail glass or two set against a backdrop of the Atlas mountains. As the sun goes down, a long and slow feast begins with an array of traditional Moroccan salads in tiny hand-painted bowls followed by hearty meaty and vegetable meals.


Italian food is famous worldwide but what most people don’t know is that each region has its own speciality. Florence is situated in the Tuscany region where local residents traditionally grow what they cook and this has an influencing factor on the cuisine served in the local restaurants. You can expect to find dishes that include ingredients such as tomatoes, rosemary, porcini mushrooms, olives, aubergines, oregano, basil, and a vast variety of meats, cheeses, and breads.


Copenhagen is often considered one of the happiest cities on earth and so it should due to its delicious delicacies! Denmark’s capital has grown into a true gastronomic city and whilst traditions are deep-rooted, a new revolution continually adds flair to the city’s ever evolving menu of flavours. From trendy Nordic cuisine and street foods to Scandie-style open sandwiches and traditional biscuits, you will be sure to find a selection of enticing foods and specialties that suit your tastes.


Over the past few years, Vietnamese food has become more and more popular around the globe. Best known for spring rolls, rice, noodles and fresh vegetables, this makes it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Anywhere you go in Vietnam, you will experience strange but delicious smells of street food that will instantly make you feel hungry, especially in odd hours of the night. At night, the streets are littered with vendors selling different kinds of delicious foods. You will also undoubtedly see plenty of makeshift dining areas pop up out of nowhere too, which are all worth a try.

Rob Gower - Dragonfly Traveller
Rob Gower - Dragonfly Traveller