Do something different this Valentine’s Day

There is nothing wrong with being a bit different and that is especially true when it comes to romance. If you fancy doing something slightly different this Valentine’s Day rather than the usual meal in a fancy restaurant, there are plenty of wonderful and quirky ideas to set your soul on fire and reignite that spark.

All Things Business spoke to Rob Gower of Dragonfly Traveller who gave his ideas for how couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day in more unusual ways.

Trekking in Nepal

Going on a trek together may not sound romantic in the traditional sense but if you’re looking to explore the wildlife in Nepal, there’s no better way to do it than visiting Chitwan National Safari Park. Enjoy elephant rides, a jeep safari, canoeing and hiking, amongst many other activities. There are plenty of rare and endangered species that live within the park. Two of the most prominent ones are the One-horned Rhinoceros and Bengal Tiger, which are a sight to behold. Have an amazing time at one with nature and meet the locals of the region, known as Tharus, who will offer you an insight into their amazing lifestyle and culture.

Skydiving in New Zealand

If you are both thrill-seekers, how about tandem skydiving in New Zealand? This is as close as you’ll get to experiencing true flight. You will enjoy a breath-taking 15-minute flight and, after taking in the stunning views from above, you will be harnessed to an expert paratrooper who will guide you back down and make sure you land smoothly and safely. Create a lifetime memory with the person you treasure.

Wine tasting in Napa Valley

If you think that taking your other half to Napa Valley in California is a romantic gesture, you’d be correct. Whether yours is a brand-new love or one with a long history, you can’t go wrong exploring all that the wine country has to offer. Capture your romance in a photo with charming, idyllic backdrops. After capturing a photograph or two, stay for caviar and cheese plates paired with your wine selection to feed your palate.

Cabin in the Colorado Mountains

Imagine dipping into a steaming outdoor hot tub right outside your cabin, or spending time next to a cosy fireplace toasting marshmallows. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then why not take a trip to Colorado? There’s no doubt that a cabin makes a pretty romantic setting, whether it’s nestled high up in the mountains or perched on a cliff by the sea. You get the whole property and its amenities to yourselves, so you can both take your morning coffee on a private balcony, in a scenic garden, or tucked up in bed with a jaw-dropping view.

Scuba Diving in Fiji

It’s undeniably romantic to wake in the South Pacific with waves underfoot. Hop from your overwater bungalow and find that you are nose-to-nose with a variety of clownfish, triggerfish and orange-spine unicorn fish. Spend the morning diving and after lunch, lounge around watching the clouds. In the evening, why not watch the pretty sunset with colours of candy pink and neon orange whilst sipping on a cocktail or two?

Rob Gower of Dragonfly Traveller works as a travel PA, building bespoke holidays and trips for customers. Call 01604 661100 or visit to find out more.