Top tips for choosing the best Microsoft training provider

Mené Praagman from Excel@Data shares useful tips on finding the most suitable IT Training provider for your business.

You know that well delivered IT training will boost the efficiency and productivity of your employees. You are committed to booking the training.

You will spend some of your budget on it, you will ask your employees to take time off, you will need to manage their absence in the meanwhile. You have every right to be picky when it comes to choosing a training provider. With so many providers available and so many variables to consider, it may look difficult to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment.

Finding the most suitable IT training provider doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Use these handy tips to help with your decision.

Look for support after training

Search for companies that offer tutor support following the training session. All too often the materials covered in the session are easy to follow, but when the trainees start using the software in their own time, they feel lost and overwhelmed. A tutor available to answer questions at this stage makes all the difference. Better yet, try to get the same tutor to provide the support.

Ask about customised training

Joining a training session with attendees from other companies is a great social opportunity. However, one-size-fits-all training assumes that all trainees are at the same level. So, your employees end up spending half a day listening to the session they are already competent in, or not following the session well enough since the content is above their level. Find a provider who will listen to your specific training needs so that the training can be tailored accordingly.

Go local

You might think IT training means travel expenses or even overnight accommodation. This may be true for industry specific training, but for Microsoft products you can often find venues much closer to you. Did you know you can attend Microsoft training right here in Milton Keynes or even have IT training providers come to your premises?

Split up training into modules

Avoid overloading your employees with intensive training all at once. Spread it over time so they have the time to use their newly found skills before building on them. This will be even more effective if they have access to the same tutor for their next level training session.

Real life experience

Microsoft training can become a matter of trying to keep up with what your trainer knows about the software. Trainees should instead feel like the training applies to their own experience of day-to-day business. Ensure that your training provider is familiar with real world scenarios and makes a point of applying new IT skills to actual office tasks.

Excel@Data is a software consultancy and training company in Milton Keynes working with local enterprises of all sizes.

Mené Praagman, Founder and Managing Director at Excel@Data comments: “Mark Praagman and I have extensive software consultancy experience between us covering a wide range of industries. We combine this experience with our passion of teaching and getting the satisfaction of sharing our expertise with others. As well as classroom training, we also offer one-to-one training for busy executives, bite size sessions on specific topics and bespoke training on existing spreadsheets and databases.”

Excel@Data currently offers the following training services:

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

VBA Automation

T-SQL querying

Power BI

.Net Programming

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Mark Praagman and Mené Praagman  Excel@Data
Mark Praagman and Mené Praagman Excel@Data