A mouthwatering picture of how the food sector is coping

It may have been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, but many in the hospitality sector have been creative and innovative in their business models.

With many clients in the food and drink sector, Northampton commercial photographers Frasershot Studios have also found the period challenging, but have continued to work hard to help those who have had to rethink their businesses.

There has been a huge increase in companies that can’t operate as normal under government social distancing guidelines, so have had to adapt to an alternative route to market.  The takeaway business model has seen a boom, with restaurants and pubs using the ‘dark kitchen’ model to create food that results in lower overheads and which turns to the likes of UberEats, JustEat and Deliveroo to get food to customers. For those unsure about the prospect of being able to turn a profit in premises with a two-metre social distancing ruling, this seemed a good way of not only generating income but also an opportunity to liaise with customers and continue to serve them.

As well as takeaways, some in the fine dining sector have started producing cookery kits - completely fresh ingredients and cookery guides with three-courses delivered in a box for the customer to cook at home for the family, even tying in with local producers of fresh produce and drinks brands and sharing the marketing. 

Frasershot Studios has been working particularly hard with some of those clients who have been trying to offset huge losses through this period by setting up a Deliveroo offer out of their kitchens using smaller chef crew. The studio team have worked on adapting existing menus to smaller take out dishes and capturing them in a way that works for the Deliveroo platform. This has meant having to produce content that is not only appealing and beautiful but can work across many devices - mainly the mobile phone. 

What has become clear is that the offering on these platforms covers a much wider audience, offering something different that is appealing to a greater range of customers. In particular, vegetarian and vegan choices are sought-after, but also some of the well-known takeout establishments are having to change their offering as a result of the influx of competition and choice into the take-out market. 

In Northamptonshire, many pubs and restaurants have really attacked this market and its fantastic to see, the area is lucky to have such amazing restaurants and skilled chefs in the county and it is important that we are all supporting them during this tough time. 

The campaigns Frasershot Studios have been working on of late can be seen here and on the website - showing the diversity of offering and choices that consumers are now available to order. 

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