Sales consultancy company generating £10million for their clients

Award-winning CEO Kieren O’Connor has built on his success to develop a tailored and proactive sales strategy that takes clients back to basics and guarantees results. We spoke to him about disrupting the sales consultancy industry and what he can offer to businesses in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

Young CEO Kieren O’Connor is no stranger to overcoming obstacles to achieve success. Currently, his biggest obstacle is ensuring the message about his tried and tested four-pillar sales strategy that guarantees results hits home with local businesses.

In 2018, Kieren founded Growth Stream, with his business partner Costa Koizi, with a vision to create industry-leading sales teams. Refusing to go down the hourly-rate sales consultancy route, Growth Stream’s costs are entirely dependent on increased profits – so if their clients don’t end up making more money, neither does Growth Stream. In around 18 months, they have earned over £10million in sales revenue for their clients, taking their own revenue to £500,000, and encouraging Kieren to set an ambitious target of hitting £1.5million by 2021.

Kieren said: “Growth Stream is different. We work in a proactive way to implement the right foundations in a sales team using our trademarked four-pillar process, which involves assessing a sales team’s daily structure, a touchpoint process, follow up and follow back process. It’s a patented process, and I can guarantee that clients who implement the process with my support will see sales growth.

“I recently worked with a 13-year established company and together we put £2million on their bottom line. They didn’t have to spend more money, taking on people or buying leads, they just implemented new ways of working and it paid off, as I guarantee it will for anyone following the process.”

Raised in a council house in Norfolk, Kieren faced a number of challenges in his early life. Growing up with an absent father, this difficult start was compounded when he was diagnosed with dyslexia – a learning disorder that has been stigmatised, he argues, with people wrongly assuming ‘it means you are stupid’. Kieren was determined to prove those people wrong.

He left his family home at 17 to pursue a career in sales and soon distinguished himself, becoming, within one year, a top performer at software company Epos Now. Owner Jacyn Heavens constantly pushed him to improve and gave him the chance to represent the business in Orlando, Florida. From there, Kieren went on to become commercial director at Nobly POS at the ripe age of 22, heading up teams in Austin, Texas and Uruguay – breaking company records along the way.

He returned to the UK in 2018 to set up Growth Stream and began taking businesses back to basics to better understand the sales process.

Kieren said: “We do a full sales audit and provide each business with a tailored report on how to maximise performance and create the industry-leading sales team they have always wanted.

“I think businesses coming out of lockdown will benefit massively from our processes because they will need to look at completely different ways of approaching sales. Ours is a process that works and, because it involves no up-front spending, it’s something any company can look to do with no risk – in fact, it makes no sense not to.”

Simon Dadswell, Managing Director of iiko, was keen to showcase the positive impact Growth Stream had had on his business. He said: “There were specific and quite detailed results we were looking for. We wanted Growth Stream to secure several hundred fresh clients for iiko, and that’s exactly what they achieved – in fact they surpassed the number we asked for.

“Also, we wanted to build a sales infrastructure that was sustainable. We were recruiting new sales staff so what we needed was sales resources, sales materials and sales enablement. Essentially the whole infrastructure set up while at the same time delivering sales results in an active and proactive way, and Growth Stream absolutely delivered that.”

Kieren is passionate about seeing his client businesses succeed and to introduce more firms to his thinking and his ethos. So much so that he is offering two businesses, on a first-come-first-served basis, the chance to take part in a free sales audit to learn the process that has generated over £10million for Growth Stream clients to date.

“The audit will cover the four-pillar processes of structure, touchpoint process, follow up, follow back and following that process with my support will guarantee results. If you’re serious about taking your sales to the next level, speak to Growth Stream.”

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Kieren O’Connor - CEO
Kieren O’Connor - CEO