It’s all in the detail

A unit in Upper Heyford, Northampton has been playing host to a variety of supercars including Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s. This is because the unit is home to Gtechniq Works, a Centre of Excellence for auto detailing.

Auto detailing, or car detailing as it sometimes called, is a phenomenon that originated in America and describes the process of reviving a cars tired paint and protecting it, leaving the car with a showroom shine. So much more than a standard valet, detailing sees expert technician clean and treat every inch of a vehicle, including the engine, and use specialist ceramic coated products to restore the vehicle and protect it against any future wear and tear to maintain the ‘showroom look’ for as long as possible.

Gtechniq Works opened three years ago and is managed by Adam Eaton, who has been detailing cars for ten years. He is supported by Detailing Assistant Steven Watson-Brooks, who has been training under Adam for the last three years.

Typically, a full detail of one car can take four or five days and sees Adam and Steven remove wheels, repair paintwork and restore interiors using the Gtechniq line of detailing products, which includes shampoos, glass cleaner, wheel and paint protection, high quality microfibres and tyre dressings. Between the two of them, Adam and Steven work on six to eight cars a month and have a waiting list of one to twomonths, depending on the time of year.

“Whilst we love working on exotic cars, that is not all we do,” reveals Adam, who was working on a £250,000 Porsche when All Things Business visited Gtechniq Works. “We work with anyone who has pride in their vehicle and wants to keep it looking like new. The best time to bring a car to us is as soon as you have bought it and we can get it detailed and protected straight away and then it is all about maintaining it. It also costs less to start detailing from new as it is not such a big job.”

As soon as you go into Gtechniq Works, you can tell immediately that attention to detail is a massive part of auto detailing. The facility is temperature controlled so it can be set to suit the job that is being carried out. This is usually set at around 20°C.

There are specialist lighting tools to spot scratches and smears, scissor lifts to lift the cars high into the air for cleaning, and there is even a paint thickness gauge to measure how thick the paint is prior to polishing. No expense has been spared when it comes to security either.

“We did spend a lot of money on the facility, but it had to be just right,” says Adam. “We have to ensure that no panel is missed and we cover absolutely everything. A high-class detailing service requires a high-class facility.”

As well as offering a service to car owners who take pride in their vehicles, Adam and Steven also prepare cars for shows. The duo recently worked on an Aston Martin that went on to win an AMOC (Aston Martin Owners Club) trophy. They have also started offering training days to those who want to learn how to detail their own cars.

“We love what do,” adds Adam. “People can bring their cars to us and we inspect them to give them a quote. Then they leave their car with us and know it is in safe hands and we will look after it. We can even provide a courtesy car for them to use while the detailing process takes place if they require one. This is a high-end, hassle-free service using the best detailing products on the market. We can restore, protect and maintain your pride and joy and keep it looking as good as new for longer.”

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