Caring about cars and customers

Gtechniq Works, a Centre of Excellence for auto detailing in Upper Heyford, Northampton, has been wowing car owners with its valeting skills and products.

Since opening the centre three years ago, Gtechniq Works has built a strong reputation for bringing cars ‘back to new’. The team - Adam Eaton and Steven Watson-Brooks – have had the enviable pleasure of working on some of the world’s most sought-after supercars are also called upon to detail cars for shows. The duo recently worked on an Aston Martin DBS that went on to win a trophy at a prestigious AMOC (Aston Martin Owners Club) event.

Typically, just one car can take four or five days to detail and sees Adam and Steven remove wheels, repair paintwork, clean the engine and restore interiors using Gtechniq’s line of detailing products. The centre generally works on around seven cars a month and operates a waiting list that can vary from one to two months, depending on the time of year.

Customer Michelle Chapman brought her black BMW to the Centre of Excellence for detailing. She said: “Stunning job by Adam and Steven at Gtechniq Works. Fully prepped and polished. They did one coat of Crystal Serum Ultra followed by two coats of EXOv4 hydrophobic coatings on the glass, wheels and interior. Nothing has been left untouched and the results are amazing. Both excellent work and products - highly recommended.”

Gtechniq also sells its detailing products to car owners looking to detail their cars – a service that is more in demand given the UK’s current lockdown situation. From specialist microfibre drying cloths to wash mitts and serums, those looking to get their cars in tip-top condition can purchase the products online on the Gtechniq website1.

Marcus Morton, who uses Gtechniq products in his own automotive business, said: “After working with Gtechniq for years and years now, all I have is praise for this brand. Gtechniq is nothing short of the finest and most advanced car care brand. It has everything from high-quality consumer products, to exclusive professional products that all more than exceed expectations! We’re proud to use these professional products in our business.”

Adam added: “So much time and effort goes into each car we work on and we treat every client and car with the same level of service and attention. Whilst we love working on supercars and classic cars for shows, we get just as much satisfaction working on daily drivers and making them look like

new again.

“As well as investing a lot of time into each car we detail, visitors will see that we have also invested heavily in the centre, which is why it is a Centre of Excellence. The facility is temperature controlled so it can be set to suit the job that is being carried out. We also have specialist lighting tools to spot scratches and smears and scissor lifts to lift the cars high into the air for cleaning. There is even a thickness gauge to measure how thick the paint is before polishing.

“We would love to welcome more car owners from across Northamptonshire to our Centre of Excellence and give their vehicles the time and attention they deserve.”

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