BEWARE of disturbing cyber security stats

There are many shocking and disturbing facts regarding the threats and challenges posed by IT security. Here are 10 frankly disturbing ones to spark your thoughts:

1. A Kaspersky study uncovered that 33% of all hacked computers was found in the manufacturing industry.

2. By the year 2020, the average cost of data breaches will be in excess of $150 million. Juniper research anticipates the cost of cyber crime to businesses to be more than $2 trillion by the end of 2019.

3. A total of 1.76 billion data records were leaked in January 2019 alone

4. Only 25% of Directors are directly involved in reviewing cyber security risks

5. 1 out of every 13 URLs are linked directly to malware

6. Most people claim to be aware of the links, however 78% of users still click on unknown links in emails anyway

It’s part of Haptic Networks mission to share advice and best practise in order to help businesses stay safe online. Cyber criminals aren’t prioritising large businesses. They in fact have set their sights firmly on SMB, Healthcare and Education, knowing all too well that budgets and awareness are lower than in Corporate entities.

Our best tips come from our exclusive BEWARE framework:


If your business doesn’t currently have a cloud backup or disaster recovery solution in place, you should strongly consider this. In the event of an attack or disaster, you can get your business data (and your business!) up and running in a small amount of time.


Avoid clicking links in emails unless you know where they’re from. Run phishing campaigns within your business to spot staff members likely to click suspicious emails, then run training and awareness sessions to avoid future risks.


Be cautious when accessing public/free WiFi networks, ensure your company WiFi network has been set up securely. Disable Bluetooth unless using it.


Turn to your IT department or IT company, are they advising you on security? Have you built plans around Data Breach or Ransomware attacks? Have they helped prepare you for the worst case? If not, you should seek advice from an external Cyber Security partner.


Don’t make decisions in a hurry, new enquiries from new customers and any banking details alterations requested from suppliers aren’t urgent. Don’t do them in a hurry, ask the opinion of another staff member before you act. If a payment request comes from within your company, train your staff to confirm via telephone or face to face with the individual. Never take email requests to send/process payments at face value. Use Two Factor Authentication where possible. Use a password manager, (Haptic recommends LastPass) to avoid using the same password or weak passwords.


Invest in a solid endpoint solution, this will provide a high level of anti-virus protection. More advanced solutions will add further levels of protection to your network. Ensure all your devices are updated and running the latest firmware/software. This applies to your server also. Schedule time to scan all of your devices (business and personal) This will help to identify potentially malware and viruses and delete suspicious software.

To increase your businesses protection and decrease it’s vulnerability, visit the Haptic Networks website at or contact them on 01536 316 870.