Dermaplaning treatment review

As soon as I arrived at this gorgeous venue, I knew I was in for a treat. Holly Chandler Beauty and Wellness is located in the quaint village of Little Houghton in Northamptonshire. The location feels very exclusive and private. The gated property itself is set in a converted stable on country grounds, providing a real luxurious setting.

Holly was there to greet me as I pulled onto the driveway and I stepped into a tranquil treat for my senses. It was cosy, smelt amazing and the interior was elegant and classy.

I visited the salon to have a Dermapeel which includes Dermaplaning and an Alumier MD Chemical Peel combined. I started off by filling in the Alumier MD Consultation Form so that Holly could get an understanding of my skin type and problem areas before starting the procedure.

Dermaplaning itself is a physical method of exfoliation using a surgical scalpel. It gently scrapes the surface of your skin to remove any dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) which can contribute to some of your most annoying skin issues : dullness, wrinkles and breakouts.

Holly made me feel totally at ease, she talked me through the procedure step by step as she was doing it. The Dermaplaning is totally pain free (when you hear surgical scalpel, it scares some people!) but let me reassure you, this is an extremely relaxing treatment.

The benefits of the Dermaplaning include:

- Instant results and no downtime

- Removes 2 - 3 weeks of dead skin cells

- Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oil

- Provides deeper product penetration

- Promotes smoother skin for a flawless makeup application

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and acne scars

The second part of my treatment was a Chemical Peel. Holly explained that these can be customised to suit each individual clients, needs and can target skin care concerns such as ageing, acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation. Although the peel Holly used on me was a Radiant 20/10 peel by Alumier MD, which is a medical grade skincare product, it is an alpha hydrocy acid resurfacing peel that contains salicylic and lactic acid. This was tailored to me as someone with quite oily skin.

Holly further explained the importance of exfoliation and how it is crucial in maintaining healthy skin. It encourages skin rejuvenation, fades dark spots and discolouration, removes flaky patches, improves the appearance of fine lines and clears pores. Exfoliated skin also helps your skincare products to work better as, your serums and moisturisers are able to penetrate the skin more effectively once the dead skin is removed. I’ve definitely noticed this since. My makeup is sitting perfectly on my skin and when moisturising in the evening my skin feels super plump.

After the treatment, my skin was glowing beyond belief! To touch, my skin was so baby smooth. It’s still just as soft and glowy now, a few days later. I was given an Alumier after care pack to use the days following the treatment, which included a cleanser, a recovery balm and an SPF. Holly talked me through the products and gave me an after care sheet which explained the do’s and don’ts following the procedure.

Some of these including:

- No hot showers for 24 hours

- No make up for 24 hours

- No strenuous workouts for 48 hours

- No use of saunas for 48 hours

This was no real inconvenience for me - especially if it meant flawless skin! It is just to make sure your skin does not overheat after a procedure that makes you flushed but also as sweating and gym environments are rife with bacteria, and may cause adverse reactions.

Holly stocks a full range of Alumier MD home care products in the salon to maintain the salon results at home and will also be able to give you access to the Alumier website to buy their exclusive products, following her expert advice to which products are best suited to your skin type.

I would highly recommend Holly Chandler Beauty and Wellness and the Dermapeel treatment to anyone who is passionate about looking after their skin or who has a special event coming up where they want an added natural glow! Holly was fabulously friendly and the location really tops it off as the ultimate indulgent treat for your skin.

The treatment itself cost £125 and includes the after care products.

For more information and a full treatment list, visit Bookings can be made by contacting Holly on

or 07921 471514.