Great food to share with loved ones

Food is a great way to spend time with those you love and I Cook You Serve is passionate about good food and sharing it with loved ones. The company’s Fill Your Fridge evening meals are prepared with clients and their families in mind. 

I Cook You Serve has two branches, the catering branch which consists of evening meals, buffets, and celebrations meals, and the nutritional therapy branch. Both Liz and Shannon are qualified nutritional therapists, so this knowledge is always at the forefront of the preparation of the weekly menus.

Always with clients’ taste buds in mind, I Cook You Serve looks to ensure the evening meals are wholesome and healthy and delicious. Fill Your Fridge evening meals fuel households across Northampton. The Fill Your Fridge evening meals are quick and easy to reheat. The meals have already been prepared, cooked and portioned, ready to be gently reheated. The meals are more than just convenience at the end of a working day. Using the service means your meal planning and shopping are done for you, which in turn will save time, and while many people love cooking, I Cook You Serve’s evening meals take away the chore of cooking, without compromising on the quality of home-cooked meals. The Fill Your Fridge menu provides five options, giving clients a variety of meals to choose from, which ensures nobody is eating never-ending chicken.

During COVID-19 the company has been extremely fortunate to continue providing Fill Your Fridge evening meals across Northampton (NN1- NN5), and has continued to support many families, professionals working from home and those that live alone.

New ways of communicating with clients included setting up a Facebook group for people to share their food jokes and any baking they had done that week. This provided an opportunity for people to continue the conversation within their food community.

Another way has been Celebration meals. These are individual menus, written directly for clients based on their favourite foods and holiday memories, to help them celebrate special occasions. They became even more personal during lockdown because it was important to mark the good times when there were so many other limitations to take into consideration. The I Cook You Serve team particularly enjoyed these, as it was a reminder that life goes on in the form of anniversaries, birthdays, and romance. The cooking must go on!

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