Supporting local businesses and keeping it clean!

Since local businesses started to return to work and lockdown restrictions began to be lifted, Inter County, who have been providing expert cleaning services since opening in 1978, have been able to offer customers peace of mind to ensure their premises, vehicles and, most importantly, their staff can be kept safe and reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

This is all part of the ever-expanding range of services that began with cleaning and has, over the years, expanded to include janitorial supplies and equipment, waste management and grounds maintenance. Founded by Keith Nicholson, Inter County has turned into a true family business serving Northamptonshire and the adjoining counties.

The Janitorial Supplies Team is managed by Keith’s son, Mark Nicholson, who is responsible for keeping local businesses supplied with a great value range of essential cleaning supplies and disposable paper products (hand towels, toilet tissue, paper rolls, etc) delivered rapidly from stock.

Through established links with key manufacturers Inter County are able to offer a full range of products and advice thereon to obtain best value in use (as often the cheapest to buy is not necessarily the best value in use).

During the COVID-19 pandemic the team have been working hard to ensure their customer base has been receiving a supply of the essential items that have been in high demand – gloves, face masks, face shields, coveralls, liquid soap, hand sanitisers and coronavirus killing virucides to keep everyone within a business safe and well.

In addition, they have received many questions from customers regarding the best options for ensuring high-frequency-of-touch surfaces are kept clean and virus free, and have been passing on advice from technical experts within the chemicals manufacturers. In particular, it has been important to pass on the correct method of use – as there is no point buying an antibacterial or antiviral surface cleaning chemical and then not allowing the correct surface contact time (spraying and wiping within a few seconds can impede the efficacy of the product being used).

During this period Inter County have supplied hundreds of hand sanitiser dispensers, enabling businesses to get back to work safely and to keep essential workers actually working – the NHS, nurses and careworkers, of course, but also keeping food factories and their trucks delivering to the supermarkets is also important.

If you have any questions related to products suitable for personal safety, keeping workplace or vehicle surfaces clean and virus free, then the Inter County Janitorial Supplies team would be delighted to help.

Customers may or may not be aware that new products have been introduced to the market, including alcohol-free hand sanitiser (for use where perhaps alcohol related products would be seen as undesirable for religious or other reasons) or that products that are kinder to hands, for instance, those that contain a moisturiser to re-hydrate dry hands.

Accredited products from accredited manufacturers

Inter County are proud to be members of the UK Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), an organisation which seeks to ensure a standard specification. For example, if a product is sold as being 150m long, then there really is 150m of product in the package and customers are not being short changed to achieve a low price.

Likewise CHSA standards seeks to prevent the scenario where customers buy ‘bargain’ refuse sacks and then find the reason why they are so cheap when the sack splits and dumps rubbish all over the floor and their best shoes. Sacks from a CHSA approved manufacturer must meet a specific weight specification to avoid such a scenario.

The Inter County Janitorial Supplies team stock products from a wide range of leading professional manufacturers including Deb/SC Johnson, Selden Research, Tork/Essity, Bio Productions, Greyland, and Polyco Healthline, to name but a few.

The company is also an accredited distributor for Numatic and Sebo vacuum and floor-care machines and their spares and consumables – the most famous household Numatic name being Henry the Hoover and his bigger more industrial family and friends.

For further information or a free no obligation quotation, call Inter County Cleaning Services on 01933 315872, email or visit the website