Ultimate Staff Management

JMS Infotech Ltd is a local organisation contributing to the growth of Milton Keynes technology hub.

JMS Infotech Ltd is a leading provider of a unique dynamic staffing solution, JMS One, which is designed for organisations to improve their efficiencies and save costs.

JMS One provides a fully automated job management system, operating in real time. This offers a fast and effective way to manage your staff shortfalls. The system allows staffing managers to save time, increasing efficiencies, which in turn leads to cost savings. And which business does not have these as company objectives?

The user is met with a friendly and simple system, which is easy to use, yet decidedly rapid, robust and reliable. Being a web-based solution, it can be easily accessed from any device, anywhere.

The innovative way in which bookings are automated alleviates the need for spending time sending emails, making phone calls and the lengthy response times of more traditional approaches. The system automatically ensures all relevant stakeholders are kept informed instantly via email, text message, or by the free downloadable JMS One app. This is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

JMS One has built in, online, interactive timesheet provision, driven by the automated booking system. This ensures traceability and enables tighter control with full audit trails being available.

A powerful reporting suite is included, allowing managers to produce charts and graphs to assist with their planning and budgeting. With the export to Excel option, data is provided which allows for further analysis, investigation and reporting.

JMS One have recently released their new compliance module which is available either standalone or integrated. It uniquely includes daily checking of third-party registers to ensure your staff are always fully entitled to continue working. The system cleverly manages all communication relating to compliance expiry/due dates, ensuring your staff are notified with ample time to update any training and other compliance criteria.

Coming soon, the automated Rota module will provide managers with substantial savings in terms of time, effort and angst. Rather than a traditional ‘drag and drop’ method offered by many rota software packages, JMS One have taken an alternative approach using a unique, innovative and intelligent ‘rota engine’ which processes a set of inputs determined by your individual values, needs and requirements. The output means your staffing rota will always be generated according to your own individual preferences.

The above innovations, available individually or collectively, are progressive steps of JMS One’s journey towards the Ultimate Staff Management solution.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact JMS Infotech Ltd,

01908 827222. jmsinfotech.co.uk.