Corporate finance - helping you achieve your financial goals

There is a commonly held proposition that corporate finance is solely the role of larger firms who have a self-professed degree of expertise in this area.

There is, however, a clear market for a partner-led, cost effective solution for private companies facing differing corporate finance transactions which can include debt and equity financing, capital structuring and investment decisions.

The corporate finance team at Keens has the experience and practical knowledge to help its clients maximise shareholder value with advice on long and short-term financial planning and the implementation of various strategies.

Its goal is to assist you in making any business transaction as seamless as possible, whilst ensuring that any issues are clearly defined and that your ongoing interests are protected.

“Here at Keens, we work in tandem with many financial institutions, and other professional organisations, and are recommended by many of them to their clients. On many occasions, we are retained simply to deal with specific transactions, where an existing adviser is not necessarily experienced in the area under consideration,” explains Partner Liz Newell.

Keens can help you with corporate finance in the following areas:

Business acquisitions and disposal

Whether you are starting up in business from scratch, or buying a business from an existing owner, there is always a risk that you may discover something which can have an adverse effect on its success.

The partners and staff at Keens have been in business for many years and have advised clients in different sectors on what they can expect and what to look for in setting up or buying a business.

Similarly, when a business is being sold, the experienced staff at Keens can help you manage what can be a trying experience by understanding the process, your wishes and goals, helping to manage frustrations with the buyer and its advisers, working with fellow professionals to shape the deal and of course, to plan the disposal so as to minimise taxation liabilities.

Due diligence

The process of due diligence can take a number of forms, and is often described as the investigation or review of the business, prior to the completion of a transaction.

As part of the due diligence process, a buyer will usually instruct accountants, like us, to prepare a report on the financial aspects of the target business.

This financial due diligence is not the equivalent of an audit and accountants’ reports will usually make this clear. Instead, financial due diligence should focus on those areas of the target’s financial affairs that are material to the buyer’s decision so that the buyer can assess the financial risks and opportunities of the deal and whether, given these risks and opportunities, the target business will fit well into the buyer’s strategy.

Financial restructuring

During any business’ life cycle, various structures evolve which may not prove suitable to the circumstances in which business owners may find themselves.

The circumstances may be as simple as moving from a partnership or sole trader business to a limited company, or as complex as restructuring a group of limited companies into separate ownership.

The team at Keens works with a number of experienced legal professionals in this area, and is happy to discuss whether any restructuring of your existing business may have commercial or taxation advantage.

Business valuations

Valuations of businesses are required for many reasons, and Keens have been undertaking this work at partner level for many years.

Every business will need to be valued at some time, whether for a business sale, or for taxation reasons. Generally speaking, written reports are required for different purposes, and we are experienced in dealing with negotiations with both the taxation authorities and other commercial organisations.

For more detailed information on Corporate Finance, visit our website or simply get in touch with the team at Keens Shay Keens MK 01908 674484