Food for thought when providing refreshment at work

With so many workplaces having to be reorganised to accommodate a new way of working, an innovative, space saving vending machine from Liquid Culture could provide a perfect solution.

Traditional vending machines, with spiral distribution systems, mean that the range of products in inevitably restricted to what will fit.

Now, with the Cooler Café from Liquid Culture, virtually any size or shape of item can be accommodated, from fresh boxed salads to bottles and chocolate bars.

The Cooler Café concept is derived from the company’s micro markets idea but on a much smaller scale. It comprises a locked fridge with a touchscreen menu and payment system. The user chooses the product they want from a menu, pays with a touch of a card, and the fridge unlocks so that they can take their products.

Liquid Culture, based in Wellingborough, is a specialist refreshment service for businesses. The company supplies a range of vending machines and commercial coffee machines that allow clients the opportunity to set up a refreshment, food and snack offering that is tailored to the needs of their own workplace.

Although known in the region as coffee experts, supplying machines, ingredients and training services, Liquid Culture also offers its True Market service, providing businesses and their staff with a one-stop shop within the office, increasing staff productivity and engagement. True Market is a 24/7 self-service system that allows staff to pick up meals and snacks at any time of the day. Contactless cards or fingerprint technology mean no one has to scrape together their loose change any more.

Cooler Café is a compact version of the micro market offering, taking up no more space than a tall refrigerator. The customer has control over which items are stocked in the machine, and Liquid Culture offers a full installation, replenishment and maintenance service to keep everything clean, fresh, well-stocked and operating properly.

The Cooler Café can be a stand-alone solution, or used to complement an existing market, vending or café location. The Cooler Café could be combined with a True Brew Coffee Station to provide the best all-round refreshment service. Liquid Culture’s True Brew uses only the best bean-to-cup technology and 100% Arabica coffee to make sure staff and visitors get the best possible grab-and-go coffee. And, through the rebate scheme based on the profit the machine generates, True Brew Coffee Stations provide a consistent revenue scheme to the customer.

James Cochrane, Sales and Marketing Director at Liquid Culture, said: “The Cooler Café complements the other food and vending machines we supply and is a compact, easy-to-use option for companies who want to give their staff a good selection of tasty and healthy meals and snacks any time of the day or night.

“Some customers have it as an out-of-hours addition to their regular food offering, but it works just as well on its own, providing chilled dishes and snacks, and where there is a microwave available, we can include ready meals for a hot option.

“The Cooler Café will save time and energy as it provides fresh food without a trip out of the office to buy something, so it helps increase employee satisfaction, and can double as somewhere to grab an afternoon snack or a cold drink as and when required, because the contents are entirely flexible.

“We’ll work with customers to identify how and where it will work best for their premises, and then we’ll install it and maintain it for them, so they can just forget about it and know their team will be kept well supplied with fresh options.”

Great service is at the heart of Liquid Culture because they really want you to enjoy your vending or coffee machine. The team is experienced and knowledgeable, and as an independent company takes pride in its complete responsibility for customers’ entire refreshment service, with no outsourcing.

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