We're the new player in the luxury watch and jewellery market

On December 15th, LWC opened its doors in Central Milton Keynes. LWC is a new player in the luxury watch and jewellery market. It aims to focus on independent brands, to give customers a view into the alternative luxury market. LWC will also sell well known brands, as well as unique pieces that will be true talking point for customers. The new boutique draws upon years of experience from insiders in the industry, who have worked with some of the biggest players in the market. LWC aims to take that industry knowledge and deliver with localised expertise and customer service. The

The LWC boutique will offer a wide range of products and services, from bespoke jewellery to truly unique watches. This will all be complimented by our in house experts and repair team, and will give second to none customer service. LWC will also have a range of pre-loved watches and jewellery to compliment the core ranges with clients being able to trade in or get cash value on their old luxury watches. In order to celebrate the grand opening, LWC will be sharing an extravagant calendar of activities for launch. We welcome one and all to come to our boutique to see what we have to offer.

If you would like to contact Luxury Watch Company, contact: contact@luxurywatchcompany.co.uk