Keeping people in work safe and well

As specialists in keeping people in work safe and well, Medigold Health reacted characteristically quickly as the UK started returning to the workplace.

Headquartered in Northampton, Medigold Health provides a UK-wide service through its 60-plus clinics, helping employers understand the health needs and wellbeing status of their staff. From employee screening to overall organisational occupational health strategies, the Queensbridge company provide innovative and robust solutions to deliver lasting results.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit and social distancing rules become second nature to everyone, Medigold Health immediately responded to offer peace of mind and protection for workers.

When the first lockdown restrictions were lifted, government guidelines were that face coverings should be worn by everyone in enclosed spaces, putting PPE high on the list of mandatory items that employers need to consider for their workforce’s safe return.

In response, Medigold Health sourced a range of face masks and hand sanitisers that would meet the needs of those needing light protection for general use.

The CE-marked three-ply disposable face masks simply create a barrier between the respiratory system of the wearer and the immediate environment. Lightweight and breathable, they are ideal for general use and comfortable for the worker. The masks are available in boxes of 50.

UK-produced hand sanitiser is available in 300ml bottles and five-litre jerry-can refills. The high-concentration 80% alcohol sanitiser is produced by a family-owned distillery and meets World Health Organisation standards.

Alex Goldsmith, CEO, said: “We understand that sourcing appropriate PPE can be a minefield and we are all conscious of not disrupting the vital supply to the health and care workers who need it most, so our resourceful procurement team have sourced approved products from UK suppliers. This takes the hard work away from customers by going through a due-diligence process to source legitimate, approved items that are suitable for the general workplace and which will provide companies and their employees with the peace of mind they need to return to work at this challenging time. Our ethos is ‘keeping people in work, safe and well’ and we want to ensure that as the UK returns to work, people are safe, protected and reassured.”

Medigold Health provides its customers with web-based, tablet-friendly solutions to provide quick and easy access to health management information and the tools an employer needs to understand and shape the health of their organisation. This gives clients complete control over their portfolio of services in order to make timely and better-informed decisions as regards their people.

Traditionally this type of support was mainly available to larger UK employers but Medigold Health has long held the view that this needs to be remedied and that smaller businesses need and deserve similar support. Consistent with this, the firm has developed an SME-friendly packaged version of its services called Medigold Health Protect and would be delighted to speak to any Northamptonshire SMEs keen to take up this service to help them, and their people, to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Medigold Health’s focus on technology helped the company respond to the COVID-19 situation by also giving clients access to remote services to ensure that help and advice remained available despite offices and workplaces being put into lockdown.

This included a remote management referral service with consultations taking place over the phone with nurses or doctors. All Medigold Health clinicians are trained in conducting robust telephone and video consultations as an alternative to face-to-face, allowing a continuation of the service remotely.

Certain statutory medicals can also be delivered remotely, in line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. These include train driver, PTS and safety critical medicals, allowing vital roles to continue safely, with follow-ups where necessary, in future when it is safe to do so.

Alex Goldsmith added: “We pride ourselves in our ability to assess clients individually and create occupational health and corporate wellbeing solutions tailored to their specific needs, and each one benefits from that individual customer focus.

“Whilst that continues, we are also aware that we are all in this current situation together and we must all do all we can to keep people safe and well, and so we have shown characteristic agility to respond to recent challenges. We are determined to help your businesses through this crisis, so if you need help and support with occupational health and wellbeing services throughout this difficult time, we are more than happy to help.”

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