Investing in leadership training is good for individuals and their organisations

This year has been anything but ordinary since COVID-19, with companies propelled into digital transformation - whether they were ready or not. The major shift in how businesses operate has highlighted a topic which has had much discussion over the years – the skills shortage. Digital skills are widely recognised as an area of concern but COVID-19 has highlighted the necessity of good leadership.

In times of change, quality leadership can make a difference to how quickly an organisation recovers from setbacks.

Five key benefits of good leadership

1 Future growth

Investing in leadership training helps to prepare your current and future leaders with the right mindset, capabilities and knowledge to drive innovation and aid your business growth.

2 Impactful performance

Equipping your leaders to become skilled in developing and coaching people will improve individual and team productivity.

A recent report from Kineo: The Global Learning Race* found that 80% of those with leadership responsibility stated that training and development activities had a positive impact on their performance at work.

Leaders who enhance their professional and strategic skills can focus their teams to deliver high value work, which can contribute to an organisation’s bottom line.

3 Trusted communicator

One thing that has become clear during this crisis is that frequent, consistent and empathic communications have seen organisations win the hearts and minds of their people. Good leaders are good communicators; they build trust through delivering messages authentically, practicing what they preach and leading by example.

The importance of effective and empathic communications can never be underestimated, especially in times of change. Great organisations recognise this and invest in developing their employees’ skills.

4 Engagement enablers

Good leaders help to retain and attract top talent as well as inspire and motivate their teams to succeed. They’re adept at developing people and creating the right environment for individuals to thrive through positive challenge, ownership and empowerment.

Effective leadership connects organisational goals with individuals’ contributions, so people can see how their roles make a difference to the overall success of the business. Great leaders are inclusive and open, taking a proactive approach to resolving conflict and managing challenging situations – often they have an influential effect on others in leadership positions too.

5 Bounce back

In the world of business, change is constant, and companies need leaders with the agility and resilience to adapt and bounce back quickly from challenges. Developing great leaders will prove invaluable in future-proofing businesses.

To overcome the challenges that the pandemic has produced, it is essential to ensure your leaders are equipped to support and develop their teams. 

In response to the growing demand for leadership skills, MK College has added two CMI courses to its professional qualifications offering. The CMI courses will be delivered in partnership with Mindful Education through a blended, online and on campus, learning approach.

- CMI Level 3 Certificate in the Principals of Management and Leadership

- CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership

MK College offers a wide variety of qualifications accredited by professional bodies: AAT, CIPD, CIM and CMI. To find the right course for you, visit:

*The study surveyed 6,500 employees across 13 countries, who were at a range of different levels of seniority, to give their thoughts and experiences of training in the workplace.