A creative approach to educating your workforce…

If you have ever visited Milton Keynes Theatre, taken in a show, enjoyed a drink at the bar or a meal in our Garden Room you may not be aware that tucked away in the depths of the building is a department whose sole purpose is to reach out to a variety of sectors through creative events and programmes.

Creativity has long been misconstrued as an unnecessary flamboyance in the workplace, however an increasing amount of studies have shown that, regardless of the industry focus, introducing creativity into the workplace has a number of benefits.

Creativity relieves stress

When the workload gets heavy in the office it may be difficult to set aside time for a calming creative outlet. However just 45 minutes participating in a creative activity can decrease the level of Cortisol (a hormone that the body releases in response to stress).

Creativity supports innovation and improves productivity

Creative activity enables play. It encourages the brain to work in a different way and becomes the mother to innovation. Routine can damage productivity and occasionally mixing things up can spark excitement and incite innovative change, engagement and enthusiasm.

Creativity encourages problem solving

While the left side of the brain controls with logic, the right side controls with creativity. If you are never exposed to creativity it means your brain is not being fully utilised.

Creativity fosters the team spirit

When planning a ‘team bonding’ event consider focusing on creativity over other forms. Most creative activities are non-competitive, which encourages your team to work together and discourages rivalries and resentments.

Creativity increases staff morale

It is not an alien concept to state ‘Creativity simply makes people happy’ and if you’re happy you’ll work harder and feel more invested.

How could Creative Learning benefit your business?

Well beside the set programme of events listed below that would engage your staff and their family on an individual basis, we can offer bespoke workshops and courses for any individual, school or business who enquires. We can both support your business with the opportunity to work with us in our backstage studio or a member of our team can visit your workplace. We are also able to support members of your workforce with families through our varied programme of school holiday activities.

Our varied programme includes:

- Weekly Youth Theatre classes from 3-18 years.

- Weekly dance and singing classes to complement our Youth Theatre programme

- Adult dance classes in Ballet and Tap

- LAMDA examination sessions from aged eight to adult

- Show related workshops in a variety of mediums

- Workshops led by our visiting companies such as Northern Ballet, ENB, New Adventures, National Theatre… to name but a few.

- Regular backstage tours

- Adult acting courses and workshops

- Technical Theatre Workshops in Stage Make Up and Technical Theatre,

- School holiday courses and performances

- Family workshops

- Weekly Parent and Toddler Storytime and Activity sessions

- In addition, we offer an annual ‘Work in Theatre’ course aimed at offering a hands-on experience for young people interested in a career in the theatre industry.

For the most up to date information on our workshops and offers please visit our Instagram @mktcreativelearming or Facebook: /mktcreativelearning. Or contact: Phone (01908) 547606 Email miltonkeynescreativelearning@theambassadors.com.

The Creative Learning team at Milton Keynes Theatre delivers a regular and varied programme including tours, workshops, school holiday activities and weekly classes for young people and adults, aged from 3 to 93.