Developing your talent pipeline and closing the skills gap

Chloe Pivett, Marketing Business Partner for Adults & Apprenticeships discusses how embracing and communicating your support for learning can encourage adults to take the time to develop their skills.

Adult learning is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective tools employers can use to shape their talent pool and close the skills gap. However, research suggests that businesses are not fully benefiting from the full potential of their employees with a “perceived lack of employer support often the greatest barrier to learning for adults, according to information published by the government. This also rings true to the sentiments passed on at open events by prospective students of Milton Keynes College.

The good news is the barriers to adult learning can be removed and employee perception can be changed; yes, it does take commitment from an organisation to implement and promote company-wide initiatives to encourage employee development, but the rewards outweigh the effort. The case for focusing on workforce learning is evident; 23% of local businesses have had a job vacancy that was difficult to fill, with 53% stating the lack of required skills as the reason, according to recent research by SEMLEP. This also raises the question of why go through the expense and strain of recruiting when internal development may be easier than you think, cost far less, as well as being key to improving employee satisfaction.

So, what can you do to make change happen?

Firstly, understand your employees’ barriers, then build initiatives, ways of working and provide support and encouragement to make it easy for your people to commit to learning.

By supporting employees to continue to learn as an adult it will help bridge the skills gap as well as contribute to the growth of our local economy, which can only be a good thing.

How is MK College supporting?

At Milton Keynes College we want to ensure that we teach the skills your business needs. We work closely with businesses to ensure we are leading the way with course offerings and how we deliver them. We fully encourage employers to reach out and talk to us about the skills which are most needed, so we can continue to ensure our courses meet local employment needs. We host open events, business events and attend exhibitions to promote the importance of continued learning.

The Andrew Peck building at the College’s Bletchley campus provides the desired dedicated location for adult learning, which was developed following feedback from employers and adult learners alike. The centre provides a business-focussed and collaborative learning environment where its expert tutors can inspire and teach the skills required for businesses in Milton Keynes to stay ahead of the competition.

The College offers a wide variety of courses which provide students with the mandatory skill set needed for their career, as well as nationally recognised professional qualifications. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help shape your talent.

Chloe Pivett - Marketing Business Partner at MK College
Chloe Pivett - Marketing Business Partner at MK College

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