Your chance to do a star turn at MK Theatre

You might think that working in a theatre means that you spend your day rubbing shoulders with celebrities and watching shows every other night. Not so. For EMMA SULLIVAN, being Milton Keynes Theatre Director means something rather different.

“My role is to oversee the building and all the people in it” says Emma. “Some of my duties are making sure that staff, customers and visiting companies arrive into a building that is safe, well-maintained and looked after plus all sorts of responsibilities to do with finance and human resources. I always tell people who ask what I do for a living that I’m a theatre director but they don’t let me anywhere near the actors. I’m all about the administration side of running a theatre not the creative side.”

Emma’s list of responsibilities has actually lengthened due to the fact that this is a rather special year for the theatre.

“We have a birthday this year! The theatre is 20 years old in October. We always talk about this building being a brand new theatre and it’s hard to believe that it was built in 1999 but as a team here we all feel that it’s something to celebrate. It’s a chance to engage our audience, local businesses and the local community to think about the theatre and the good times they’ve had here in the last 20 years.”

You can’t have a birthday without a party and the anniversary celebrations will take shape in various ways but for Emma, the connection and engagement with local businesses is all-important.

“We’re giving local businesses the chance to support the theatre in our 20th year by buying a plaque that will feature on our brand new ‘Wall of Stars’ in the foyer. The plaque will be in the shape of a Gold Star that will bear the name of the company or indeed an individual and we will be highlighting the profile of our ‘Wall of Stars’ in our press and communications releases. The stars will remain on the wall for the whole anniversary year and, among other things, there will be a reception and a backstage tour for our ‘MKT Stars’.”

There are also two capital improvement projects planned for Milton Keynes Theatre in October. “One is to the theatre frontage” says Emma. “We’re going to relight the building in a different way and get some double sided digital screens and signage which will animate Margaret Powell Square. And secondly we are refurbishing and transforming the Piano Bar which, along with our VIP Ambassador Lounges and Ambassador Boxes, will offer greater potential for businesses to host private events, entertain clients or reward their staff.”

In addition, Milton Keynes Theatre’s Corporate Membership scheme offers an allocation of tickets, a priority booking line and access to the best seats in the house. Which, in 2019, all adds up to something rather special.

“This 20th year is our busiest year ever in terms of the number of shows” says Emma. “In this year we will have 414 performances on the stage and we’ve never had that number before. It is a record breaker for us! So that is another good reason for it to be a great year to be getting your company name or brand in front of theatre audiences because of the breadth, depth and amazing quality of the programme!”

Just don’t expect to see Emma up on stage.

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