Developing character, raising aspirations and celebrating achievement

The Nene Education Trust (NET) is a multi-academy trust based in East Northants. We are one big family with over 2,200 young people ranging from 2 - 18 years old, over 350 staff and the attached communities; seven awesome schools and communities all joined together by the collective mission statement:

‘Developing Character, Raising Aspirations and Celebrating Achievement.’

In a rapidly changing world, where an estimated 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet, we are so very mindful that we are educating young people for a future that we really do know very little about. We are focused on ensuring that our young people know how to communicate and are emotionally resilient; life skills that will benefit their employability prospects when they leave education. We very much aim to develop character, raise aspirations and celebrate achievement in all that we do in our schools.

The onus and responsibility on us as educators to prepare our young people for an unknown world is increasingly significant – we have a duty to do things differently and at NET we do just that, as outlined by Principal of Stanwick Primary Academy, Chloe Neild:

“A breath of fresh air, NET provides the opportunity across all ages to develop the whole child and understand that there is so much more that a school needs to provide than just an academic education for children. From a Trust level, the CEO leads the way in promoting opportunities for children to gain the experiences that nurture and encourage every interest and love that a child has - no matter how creative, small or large this may be. Children across the Trust have experienced involvement in musical performances at grand venues, ventured to different countries to perform, develop and promote their own written and produced songs and immersed themselves in the creative world of drama. Our trust has invested heavily in ensuring that children in every school have their chance to shine.

The work and time that NET has invested in supporting the wellbeing of staff and pupils has resulted in significantly shifted mindsets and has developed a common language across the Trust from pupils to staff that it is fine to have worries, it is fine to need support and it is fine to not be fine.”

In our schools, we have an unrelenting focus on every child and every staff member as an individual. Our drive to secure the best environment, culture and ethos within our schools and the curriculum that we offer across NET provides the foundation for the success of our young people. Getting the environment right for the young people to learn, flourish and be successful as individuals, promoting a culture of ambition, respect and resilience and pushing an ethos of success, celebration and overall awesomeness!

We are all #ProudToBeNeneEducationTrust and furthermore, #ProudToBeNorthants.

Judge for yourself – here’s what some of our Nene Education Trust family think…

“Our favourite topic is ‘Street Detectives’ where we learn all about our local area. We walk around Raunds looking out for blue plaques and the history of our town. We are proud of the history of our town, especially the bootmakers march in 1905 when 115 men marched from Raunds to London to protest against their pay. The centenary of the march was celebrated in 2005 with a march in Raunds and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque next to the Town Hall.” Owls Class, Year 1, Raunds Park Infant School “I have been part of the Nene Education Trust family for a year and a half now. I love how we are all focused on providing the very best for the children in East Northants, with a real commitment to educating the whole child.” Lisa Jeffery, Principal, Raunds Park Infant School “The people in Northamptonshire are polite, helpful and kind. People say ‘hello’ in the street and we all look out for each other. We are a great community.” Hannah, Year 5, Windmill Primary School “Togetherness and community feel across the region is key for me. I am inspired to work in an area that I have grown up in and am delighted that I can give something back.” Lee Donovan, Teacher, Windmill Primary School “The people in this organisation are what makes us so brilliant. We have some brilliant, motivated and creative individuals who are all driven by ensuring that all young people get the very best possible start in life. East Northants is an exceptional community and I am proud to play my part.” Chris Hill, CEO, Nene Education Trust.

Matt Coleman Director of Primary Education and Executive Principal of Stanwick Primary, Woodford Primary & Windmill Primary
Matt Coleman Director of Primary Education and Executive Principal of Stanwick Primary, Woodford Primary & Windmill Primary