How pulling together in a crisis lifts the spirits

People deal with people – it’s a saying that is in danger of becoming something of a business cliché, but it’s probably more appropriate now than ever before. Because if there’s one thing the past few months has taught us is that if we pull together and help one another, there’s probably a better outcome for everyone.

Pegasus Lift Truck Training in Higham Ferrers, have always been a collaborative company with a personal touch and a focus on customer service. Husband and wife team Pepe and Dawn Girardi, who have been running the training company for 25 years this year, make a point of getting to know their clients and being a point of reference not just for training but for help with any type of health and safety queries, handling questions on everything from equipment to spills and incident management to racking and ladder training.

Over the years, the company’s services have developed alongside increasingly strict regulations on training – which now ensure all operators undergo a certain amount of accredited training before being able to use equipment, something that was not necessarily the case 25 years ago.

As the business has adapted to changing legislation, customers have benefited from the years of training experience Pepe has built up – there’s very little he doesn’t know about lift truck training and workplace safety – while Dawn has also worked in fork lift sales and hire and has a comprehensive knowledge about the equipment available and the best machines for the job.

Together, they have worked with customers from small companies with two or three fork lifts up to the likes of the UK Border Force, Camelot Group and local drinks manufacturer Alpro. One of Alpro’s employees, trained by Pegasus – won Fork Lift Driver of the Year at last year’s Northamptonshire Logistics Forum Awards.

Pegasus has recently become the new Midlands distributor for internationally used SpaceVac, a high-level vacuum cleaning system that helps control dust build-up in workplaces and which can be operated by just one person at ground level. The collaboration with SpaceVac International allows Pegasus to offer the sale or rental of equipment, as well as the cleaning of areas up to 14 metres high - particularly helpful to organisations adhering to strict hygiene guidelines and addressing their dust implications. This is added to our ability to deliver a high quality service on top of the various training we already do. 

When lockdown was imposed, Pegasus found ways to continue providing help and assistance and as enquiries grew significantly during the pandemic from suppliers and logistics companies desperate to get people trained to use fork lifts, Pegasus’ friendly approach has paid off, with some of the firm’s competitors offering the services of their own experienced trainers to help meet the demand.

Dawn Girardi said: “When lockdown was first introduced it was a difficult time for everyone. Some trainers didn’t want to go out on site, others felt that sites weren’t safe enough, but as time has gone on, measures have improved and we all understand a little better how to cope with distancing, so it’s safer for everyone.

“That means we can go in and offer training in companies where their workload has increased because of the additional demands on the logistics sector. That was great for us, to keep the company running near to normal, but the most pleasant surprise was when we had competitors of ours calling us to offer trainers to help deal with the extra demand.

“These are people we’ve known for many years, but at the end of the day they are our competitors, so for everyone to be helping everyone else is so nice to see. Hopefully, we’re beginning to see things getting back to normal, but I think we will always look back and remember how we all looked out for one another for the benefit of the people out there who need our services.”

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