A Decade of people protection

Adam Kaplan - Pendragon Protect
Adam Kaplan - Pendragon Protect

An insurance broker in Northampton is celebrating ten years in business. Pendragon Protect, based in Moulton Park started life in April 2010 after founder Adam Kaplan left his job advising on Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Income Protection in a call centre.

Adam started at the call centre after being made redundant as a mortgage and protection insurance advisor when the recession hit in 2008. Adam became successful in the call centre within a few months. His secret was taking time to get to know the people he was talking to and being honest and transparent about the type of cover they could get.

“I believe people could tell quite quickly over the phone that I genuinely cared,” says Adam. “I only ever recommend a policy that I genuinely believe is right for that client. I quickly learnt that if you do right by people, the business comes naturally.” A short while later Adam set up his own insurance brokerage, with a business partner, specialising in Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Income Protection.

Pendragon Protect was born and within the first year, the company had grown to a team of six people thanks to a business model that relied on comparison websites to bring in leads that Adam and his team could follow up on.

“The model worked well for about three years and then all of a sudden we had the rug pulled out from under us and we couldn’t rely on those leads anymore and other lead sources we tried were not working as well,” reveals Adam.

The company sadly had to make some redundancies and, after going through this stressful time, they started building the business back up and generating leads through word of mouth referrals. Since 2014 Pendragon Protect has been able to rely on its repeat business through its existing client bank and the number of referrals they are getting.

In April 2018 Adam took ownership of the company and used this opportunity to restructure. He also joined his local Chamber of Commerce and started networking.

“The last two years have been brilliant for Pendragon Protect,” says Adam. “The business has really come to life. Our pink branding has really taken off and we’ve forged some amazing relationships with clients and local businesses.

“We have a clearly defined process. We talk through our client’s medical background with them first, then speak with all the insurers to see who can offer the best cover. This allows us to then offer the appropriate advice. A lot of research goes into sourcing accurate quotes as the level of detail is what is needed to ensure our clients, not only get the best price, they also get the most appropriate cover too.”

Unlike some insurance brokers, Pendragon Protect is not restricted to a panel of insurers or tied to one insurer specifically. This means their clients get the appropriate cover from the most suitable insurer and often pay less per month, as cover through restricted advisors typically costs more.

So, aside from the anniversary, what else does 2020 have in store for Pendragon Protect?

“In 2018, the focus was on getting our ducks in a row again after taking control of the business” says Adam.

“2019 we re-invested heavily into the business. Now, 2020 will be all about growth.”

This growth will see Adam recruit new members of staff by the end of the year – an apprentice, a mortgage advisor to start offering mortgages again, and an administrator to replace Jade Evans who will soon be promoted to an insurance advisor.

“Jade has been with Pendragon Protect for just over two years and has 7 years industry experience,” says Adam. “Soon she will be sitting her exams to become an insurance advisor and she will carry on working with our existing clients and be there as and when their circumstances change, such as when they have children, get married or change jobs and need their insurances reviewing to make sure they’re still appropriately covered”

“I’m really proud to have reached this milestone of ten years,” adds Adam. “There have been a few hurdles along the way, however we’ve overcome those and come out of it stronger and better than ever. I’m looking forward to the future.”

For more information on Pendragon Protect, visit www.pendragonprotect.co.uk

or call 01604 807531.