Local technology company support mental health organisation throughout lockdown

PragmatiQ Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner based in Milton Keynes, specialising in designing and developing Bespoke CRM systems and Custom Databases.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support (AEMHS), a local mental health organisation, engaged with PragmatiQ to build a system to support them with unprecedented demand.

AEMHS, also based in Milton Keynes, found that once lockdown measures were put in place, they started to receive the same number of enquiries in a day as they normally would in a month. They recognised that additional support from their systems was required and chose to work with PragmatiQ Solutions, due to the firm’s capabilities in this area.

Jon Manning started Arthur Ellis in 2017, to build the UK’s most accessible mental health service. Having seen how severe the following statistics are, as well as suffering himself with a mental illness for 20 years without being able to access meaningful support, Jon knew things had to change.

Only 8% adults receive treatment for their mental health and only 3% of them receive psychological therapy.

Nationally, 75% of children and young people are unable to access support at all.

Since it was set up, AEMHS have made it their mission to see everyone within one week of referral to their service. The organisation now supports upwards of 300 people across MK from the ages of 5 to 91 and continues to grow. They are able to do this by working with their corporate partners to improve mental health across organisations, with revenues going towards the growth and development of their one-to-one service.

However, with unprecedented demand as a result of COVID-19, AEMHS quickly recognised their current processes would not be able to cope with the high demand. PragmatiQ Solutions were engaged and implemented a Custom Database to support the team, allowing AEMHS to deliver a high-quality service, to those in need.

Jon Manning Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support
Jon Manning Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support

PragmatiQ Solutions worked with Arthur Ellis: Mental Health Support to understand the way in which they work, their current processes, and their future goals to grow the team and support more people across the country. From this, a Custom Database was designed, developed and implemented to give them structure around the key areas of the business, significantly reducing their response time.

Given the nature of the work, much of the information is captured throughout the support process. Previously, this meant it took two days to support a referral, which has improved to the point that someone in need can now be seen within two hours.

Jon Manning stressed the importance of having the right technology to support an organisation and ensure that the brand mission can be fulfilled: “Since the system has been built, our admin time has been significantly cut down, helping us to stick to our mission, even when we grow. Ultimately providing people with mental health and emotional support as quickly as possible.”

“Previously a referral took two days to process. With our new systems, we can now process a referral within two hours.”

Looking to the future

During lockdown, the AEMHS team has grown from 9 to 30 members and has begun working with businesses not just in the UK but in Europe too, and has been commissioned by GP’s surgeries to begin supporting local children and young people directly.

With the majority of the growth focused around the mentor team, it demonstrates the organisation’s plans to widen its support. Previous systems and processes have been restrictive, so, during the initial conversations, one of the key focuses for the project was to implement a solution which is fit for purpose not only now, but in the years to come.

PragmatiQ Solutions is delighted to be partnering with an organisation that plays such crucial role in supporting individuals who require help when they need it, not when a waiting list opens up.

If you, or someone you know, requires support from AEMHS, get in touch via info@arthurellismhs.com or visit the website www.arthurellismhs.com to find out more.

To find out how PragmatiQ Solutions can support your business, visit www.pragmatiqsolutions.co.uk, or email info@pragmatiqsolutions.co.uk.