Family-run modular building firm to reap benefits of boom in industry

A modular building company from Northampton is poised to reap the benefits of massive growth in the use of modular technology in the construction industry.

Family-run firm The Qube is attracting huge interest from traditional construction firms who are increasingly seeing modular building as the way forward.

Advances in off-site manufacturing and the growth of virtual reality modelling mean modular construction is offering developers unprecedented speed and quality of construction.

Across the industry, modular technology reached new heights last year when, after just 35 weeks, Tide Construction craned the last of 1,526 modules into place to create the world’s tallest modular tower in Croydon. At 136 metres high, it is as tall as the London Eye. Meanwhile in China, the 57-storey high mini Sky City was erected in only 19 days. The earthquake proof building includes 19 atriums, 800 apartments and office space for 4,000 people.

With high-quality builds and compressed schedules making modular buildings an ever more attractive proposition, global enterprise software vendor IFS has predicted the modular industry will grow by 50% between now and 2023.

The Qube’s founder and Managing Director Mick Spittle said: “It’s a massive growth industry and there are lots of eyes on it. Traditional construction firms are starting to look at the industry as the way forward and, because we’ve got a good brand in the modular world, they’re coming to us because they’re interested in our business and in working in partnership with us.”

Jordan Spittle, who joined the family business in August 2017 after working in Formula 1 Sponsorship Activation, is the Business Manager at The Qube and added: “Despite the current pandemic, in terms of our pipeline and looking ahead we are in the strongest position we’ve been in to date.

“The Government is investing in the modular industry. It’s only going to get bigger over the next five years and we are ready to play our part in that growth.

“When we speak to other firms in our industry there’s a general feeling that we’re not necessarily in competition with each other but rather we are all in competition with traditional building firms now. We’re almost like a team and we want to open people’s eyes that modular is the way forward. If we can make more people aware of the benefits of the modular system, everyone in our industry will be busy for a long time to come.”

The Qube is recognised as a specialist in the education sector, with more than 90% of its client base being nurseries, schools and universities, and it has also been working with local authorities to create leisure buildings such as gyms, community centres and sports centres.

The company is also regularly approached by architects and project consultants from across the country to work together on projects.

Mick added: “We have some great relationships with project consultants and architects who are a great source of repeat business. They come to us with their drawings and then we will produce beautiful 3D designs and everything they need to present back to their client. We take on everything in house by offering a full design and build service so they have no reason to go anywhere else.

“We’re always happy to meet with prospective architects and project consultants to offer them a presentation on the modular industry and the services we provide.”

So, after 13 years in the industry what is it that sets The Qube apart from other practices in its field?

“When we win business against other modular companies or traditional building firms it’s often because we can offer a turnkey solution,” explained Jordan. “Other firms normally have third party providers working alongside them and even a lot of the larger modular firms exclude certain elements of the build. We, on the other hand, will do everything for our clients all the way from the design stage to handing the keys over to their new building.

“We offer a fast-track build system which, from design to completion, can be up to 60% quicker than traditional construction on a like-for-like building project. One of our main USP’s is our communication lines and the relationships we build with our clients; no project is too big or too small and we take pride in that approach.”

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