Structural Insulated Panel system creates stunning spaces for students

A modular building manufacturer from Northampton has been busy installing new buildings for schools across the country.

The Qube, which has been constructing modular buildings since 2007, is now a specialist in the education sector, with more than 90% of its customers being nurseries, schools and colleges.

Recent projects have included the construction of school changing rooms at a school in Cheshire, a new Nursery Extension in Maidenhead and Gym facility at Harwich International Port.

The company has also recently won a tender with a school in Wimbledon to construct a new two-storey, four-classroom block which they will be completing this summer. In addition to this, the company has also been instructed to build a 219 square metre Sports Pavilion for a local community trust in Peterborough.

The Qube is finding that many schools and educational facilities need the extra space solutions and are using unused areas of playground or outdoor space to install modular buildings onto. Another trend noticed by the company is primary schools looking to increase their pupil numbers by creating new nurseries on the school premises, leading to children naturally progressing through to the primary school once they reach school age.

Jordan Spittle is Business Manager at The Qube. He joined his father at the company in 2017 after working as a Motorsport Sponsorship Executive in Formula 1. He recognised the potential growth in The Qube and wanted to join the family business. He believes that the modular building industry has the potential to be huge.

“My Father, Mick, started The Qube 13 years ago,” said Jordan. “He started out constructing luxury garden studios but soon found he was competing with cheaper, inferior quality products. Despite being undercut by these competitors, he didn’t want to compromise on quality. He diversified into the commercial sector and started winning education contracts and gradually, through word of mouth and building up relationships, the education sector now accounts for around 90 – 95% of our business.”

Since Jordan joined the business, he has seen the company’s turnover increase steadily over the last two years. This growth has been as a result of securing bigger project tenders and forging and maintaining good working relationships with clients across the country.

“We are based in Northamptonshire but work nationwide, constructing the panels off-site so the actual builds are, generally, quicker and less disruptive than conventional construction projects,” adds Jordan.

“We are working on much bigger projects now than we were five years ago. Whilst we used to work primarily when the schools were closed, as we started working on larger projects, naturally the build time was longer which meant we were having to build outside of holidays as well. We now work with an external agency which goes in and audits our sites and we can demonstrate that the sites are safe and secure. Our strict health and safety compliance and policies have actually helped us to win more work too.”

As well as its work with schools, The Qube has also been working with local authorities to create leisure buildings such as gyms, community centres and sports centres.

“Our modular systems can be used anywhere” says Jordan. “The build system we incorporate into most of our projects is simple and all buildings are completely bespoke, so the size and shape may change, but the process rarely does. We think, plan and build with the environment in mind and reduce our carbon footprint where we can through the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), eco-friendly roofing materials, energy-saving glazing and sustainable cladding.

“There is massive potential in the modular building industry, and this is only going to increase over the next few years. There is a real need out there for providing a good quality modular design and build service. Our 2020 pipeline is the best we’ve seen it in the company’s history, and that is something that I am very

proud of.”

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