Helping companies cope with coronavirus change

Freddie Guilmard
Freddie Guilmard

Milton Keynes-based leadership development consultancy, The Red Thread Partnership, is urging local companies to support each other through these difficult times – and, as a first step, has offered to share its online learning programmes and expertise at special rates.

Managing Director Freddie Guilmard explains: “At the moment, companies of all sizes are experiencing massive change from the Covid-19 pandemic. So everyone is going through the change curve – from shock, through the phases of denial, anger, and so on, until they come to the point of acceptance and can start moving forward.

“As a consultancy, we help leaders and teams accept new realities and emerge stronger – and that means we can also help companies deal with this change, which goes far beyond any company or group.”

Such a process may take months or years, but Freddie emphasises that there are actions companies can take right now to secure their future. For those with key staff members working from home and, only able to carry out part of their usual roles, that starts with ensuring people stay engaged and motivated.

“We understand it’s not easy, especially when so many issues you don’t normally have to think about are competing for your attention, but we are encouraging our own people, and those in the companies we support, to look on this time away from their usual workplaces as a gift. Now is the time to ‘get around to’ things you want to do – the things that never reach the top of your list.”

One area that people often neglect while deep into their day job, he says, is learning and development – and that is an ideal use of this unexpected extra time. Investing in people’s development via online learning not only ensures they have the skills they need to work from home – such as time management, communication and goal setting – but also shows them that they are valued, gives them a focus apart from the current crisis and potentially staves off depression.

The Red Thread Partnership offers an online learning programme, ‘World Class SME’, that covers the core skills mentioned above, and is specifically aimed at small or medium sized enterprises – and to help local businesses at this difficult time, the consultancy is now offering its programme at special, discounted rates.

This is just part of the range of support that the consultancy can deliver, including online group training sessions with world-class coaches to meet companies’ specific needs.

Above all, says Freddie, The Red Thread is there to help businesses of all sizes prepare to navigate the difficult future we all face, in line with its mission to build more inclusive and caring communities.

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