The Lamport Swan

Our restaurant review for December took us to The Lamport Swan, previously The Swan of Lamport. I have visited the Gastropub a number of times in the past and have never been disappointed, hence why I returned with my wife and son. When I have previously visited it has always been in the summer months to take advantage of the glorious setting in which the restaurant is sat, but we thought we would attend at a different time of the year. There is always that element of the unknown when you attend a restaurant in the winter months, will it be cold? will it be too hot? do I wear a jacket? The good news is we need not have worried as the temperature was spot on.

It would appear the restaurant has been remodelled since our last visit with the colours, tones and the decor matching your expectations of a countryside pub. We were lucky enough to have booked a table on the same day (my wife reluctantly tasked me with arranging it) and we were informed on arrival of the new menu. We were greeted by the staff who took our names and thanked us for attending, what was a nice touch as the restaurant was not too busy was we were able to choose where we sat. We are always anxious when taking our four year old out to dinner at night as we do not want to upset other diners if he is a bit loud, again we need not have worried as everyone smiled at him and laughed when he put the napkins over his head, ice broken!

What we immediately commented on was the bar was separated from the restaurant so there was no knocking of chairs or over hearing others conversations whilst we ate. Also the eating area was well laid out, plenty of room around the tables and a private seating area for parties of over 12 to enjoy their own space.

My wife had dissected the new menu before we attended and had narrowed it down to a couple of choices but I took full advantage of reading the whole menu and changed my mind four times before finally deciding. There was an array of starters, sharing platters, an impressive “From The Garden” range which could be altered with the addition of meat and fish. My wife settled for the Linguine Arrabiata and added the sauteed prawns, I finally settled for the Picante Chicken and we ordered Battered Fish Goujons for the little one.

Everything up to this point had been perfect but then we had a couple of minor issues, but had we known it was the first night trailing the new menu we might have expected a few. The food arrived promptly and at the same time which we think is important, our adult portion looked good but could have included a bit more food the same cannot be said for the Battered Fish Goujons.

You do not expect the same level of presentation on a four year olds plate but you do expect some and not to look like it was just thrown on the plate. My wifes upgraded linguine boasted five prawns (for £6.50), but the bowl was cold and so was her main. The staff attended our table to make sure everything was ok in which we explained the problem. Disappointedly the meal returned in less than one minute and was warm on the outside but still cold in the middle.

My main was perfectly fine, tasty, well garnished and an ample size. Without sounding too negative about the main, my son’s was disappointing also, the goujons were very soft, not really battered and very oily.

The staff were very understanding about our feedback when we had finished and offered to knock my wife’s main off the bill, they also explained again about the first night of the new menu, which we understood completely.

The desserts were lovely, sticky toffee pudding with ice cream and a lemon meringue. In all we had a lovely evening, a nice setting, a nice ambience and attentive staff. Everyone has an off day and we are sure The Lamport Swan experienced one of them with our visit. Ultimately, this will not put us off visiting again.

The bill came to £46.85, including two soft drinks (with the price of one dish removed).

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