Diary of a tax girl

Oladapo Sulai mon of Ronzl Accountants has published a book that aims to make tax simple for individuals and business owners. The book, which contains various fictional client stories with real-life tax issues, was written out of a passion for supporting and advising business owners on their tax issues.

We spoke to Oladapo at her book launch...

Oladapo Sulaimon - Managing Director
Oladapo Sulaimon - Managing Director

Why write a tax book?

Why not tax? Most people relates tax to a very boring topic that changes all the time. However, people that show a bit of interest in their tax issues always save money and pay less tax because they have claimed the right expenses or claimed the right tax relief at the right time.

This story conveys the reasons why I fell in love with tax in the first place.

Whilst writing my final part of my ACCA professional exams, a lot of my friends that were qualified at the time suggested to me not to pick the advance tax option as it was a very difficult option to pass.

I followed their advice and entered for advanced financial management which I failed three times and, out of frustration, I decided to try the advance tax they all advised me previously to be difficult.

I went for my revision class in Birmingham and I had this lady that was my lecturer. It still hurts me now that I have forgotten her name but I can never forget how she made me feel about tax.

She was petite, had heels on all through the four days of classes and I have to say that was when I fell in love with tax.

She made it so fun and I passed my tax exam this time because I could picture what she was teaching.

I think my love for tax is based on how someone could do something right or plan their tax affairs in a certain way and pay less tax than their friend.

But, in my experience, clients that I meet tell me they are not aware of this tax issue but ignorance is not an excuse in law, especially tax.

So I have spent a lot of my working life in the last three years writing blogs, recording videos, writing articles and my main purpose is to create tax awareness.

The truth is tax changes all the time but if you are at least aware of your situation, you can seek professional advice, saving a lot of time and money on penalties and claiming tax relief, knowing that you are doing the right thing and having peace of mind.

Diary of a Tax Girl was launched on Thursday 28th November at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel in Northampton and this was a great event because I was supported by my friends and family to celebrate my first book.

It’s now available to purchase as a hardcopy and kindle version on Amazon.