Practical help to safeguard futures

Image from left to right: Melanie and Steve Parsons
Image from left to right: Melanie and Steve Parsons

A husband and wife team from Northampton are challenging the way wills, social care and estate planning are managed.

Steve and Melanie Parsons, who set up Safeguarding Futures in 2017, each have their own reasons and experiences that have motivated them to set up their own company and do something practical about it.

In 2015, Steve’s father Peter was diagnosed with dementia. This was just six years after Steve’s mother passed away following a battle with Alzheimer’s. Steve and Melanie moved from Yorkshire to Northampton shortly after the diagnosis to become his carers.

Melanie, on the other hand, has worked in nursing and social care roles since the 1980s, and even though she is a co-director at Safeguarding Futures, still works part time with VoiceAbility in Northampton, an organisation that provides free and independent advocacy and user services for those with mental health needs, learning disabilities, dementia, physical disabilities, and sensory and communication impairments.

“When my mother was ill, we assumed that my father had taken care of all of her financial matters and were amazed to find that he hadn’t sorted out a Power of Attorney, which gave us all sorts of headaches further down the road,” said Steve, who worked as a financial adviser for 15 years prior to setting up Safeguarding Futures.

“Likewise, Mel has seen, through working in nursing and social care roles, the amount of families that have no idea of the help available to them and what they are entitled to. Both of us felt compelled to do something about it and quickly realised that our careers and personal experiences as registered carers put us in a unique position of not only having the knowledge, experience and contacts to help, but also the compassion and empathy too. We decided to launch Safeguarding Futures and haven’t looked back.”

Now the couple, as well as offering financial services such as Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs), will writing, personal protection insurances and estate planning, also offer free care funding advice.

“Education on these matters is so important,” says Melanie. “The system is so complex, and people need the information when they are at their most vulnerable and time-pressured. We want to make it simple for people. We’ve been there and know what it is like and genuinely want to help.

“That is what drives us every day – to ensure people get access to advice and the services they need and are entitled to, at a price they can afford, while debunking some of the myths around future planning and social care while we are about it.”

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