Timber experts cement reputation

craftsmanship to provide products that are highly regarded by housebuilders, from volume to self-builders.

The family business is engrained with a passion for timber and has built a solid reputation. It offers a range of products including roof trusses, metal web joists, spandrel panels, car barns and car ports, porches and door canopies.

The company celebrates its centenary this year and was founded by James Scott in 1920. The business was consolidated by James’ son, Douglas, and is now run by the third and fourth generation of the family, chairman David Scott and his son James, managing director.

As a member of the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), Scotts of Thrapston adheres to the most stringent principles of best practice and quality assurance.

The TRA sets a professional benchmark for the trussed rafter and metal web joist industry and as a member, the company has been vetted and approved.

It means it offers every customer the highest level of manufacturing excellence and customer service, supplying all structural roof components while the elements of the final trussed rafter are quality assured.

Trussed rafters

Trusses come in many shapes and sizes and can be particularly effective in commercial settings where a larger roof is needed, in buildings such as retail units, factories, warehouses and sports halls. Scotts’ prefabricated system allows large span structures to be delivered and erected in one piece, helping to drastically reduce the amount of time


The company’s specialist roof structures division offers a complete package as it follows each project through to completion, including design, fabrication and delivery on-site.

Using the latest software, Scotts can design roof structures and trusses to meet the most exacting specifications and can provide detailed drawings and calculations for submission to planning authorities.

Metal web joists

Timber engineered easi-joists combine the lightness of timber with the structural qualities of metal providing cost-effective answers to construction and housebuilding needs. Scotts’ easi-joist® system uses stress graded timber which is plated together with precision engineered metal webs from Wolf Systems.

It provides a practical alternative to traditional timber joists and I-joists, whether for domestic or commercial buildings. It is also easy to design and install, offers open web construction for easy internal routing of service pipes and provides a quieter and longer lasting floor system.

Spandrel panels

Spandrel panels offer a pre-assembled solution to separating party walls and external gables and can ease time constraints for builders and developers, as well as being cost-effective. Off-site manufacture helps save time on-site as well as ensuring consistent reliability and quality. Scotts supplies spandrel panels as part of its overall package alongside roof trusses and metal web joists.

Car barns

For the past year, the company has also seen a growing trend for luxury housing developers to replace traditional brick-built garages with bespoke timber car barns. These attractive buildings help to differentiate a developer’s product from its competitors, as the car barns are aesthetically more pleasing and a higher value product.

Scotts can design, supply and erect car barns, which are prefabricated offsite and installed in 50 per cent of the time compared with a traditional build.

Scotts’ in-house architects work closely with developers so that its highly engineered, prefabricated buildings are in keeping with the aesthetic and character of the new house styles. Design is especially important if the project involves the restoration or conversion of an historic property. Crafted details, such as bat houses, can also be added.

Porches and canopies

Door canopies and porches are also a popular style trend, especially as a means of creating character in a new-build development. A key advantage of timber porch canopies is the ability to design and manufacture bespoke projects, while timber porches offer structural performance, allowing for all tile solutions to be fitted.

Scotts of Thrapston works closely with housebuilders to ensure specific site and planning requirements are strictly adhered to. It prides itself on providing just-in time scheduling which means that prompt deliveries can be made to the development site when needed.

Celebrating 100 years

Managing Director James Scott said: “Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in technology which, when combined with traditional craftmanship, keeps our products at the forefront of their sector.

“We are proud of the reputation we have built over the past 100 years. We understand timber and our products stand the test of time as we create a business ready for the next 100 years.”

For more information call 01832 732366, visit www.scottsofthrapston.co.uk or email info@scottsofthrapston.co.uk.