The modern technology transforming the education sector

Sign In App team at The Bett Show
Sign In App team at The Bett Show

Technology is taking over traditional business processes in a variety of industries, and it’s no different for the education sector. With the rise of EdTech being used in recent years to enhance learning in schools, colleges and universities and over 87% of teachers and school leaders reporting the positive impact EdTech has had, many education establishments are looking to evolve into the modern world with the use of more technology to reshape other processes in their organisation.

Organisations in the education sector are seeking ways to improve how they safeguard their staff and pupils, improve emergency evacuations, and just be more efficient overall, all whilst saving costs. A popular solution that is emerging in the education sector is digital visitor management. Electronic visitor management systems are transforming the way schools, colleges and universities manage who is on-site and how they safeguard their staff and pupils.

Safeguarding is so important in education establishments. It’s a principal concern for parents, staff and governing bodies; Ofsted also now takes into account the actions education establishments take to ensure pupils and staff are safe. That’s where modern technology is coming into play.

Introducing Sign In App

One of the fastest-growing players in the visitor management space is Sign In App. Sign In App is a leading smart visitor management app, developed in Northampton trusted by 700+ schools and colleges across the UK who all give fantastic feedback.

“The team at Sign In App have gone above and beyond in quickly incorporating new function ideas... which has been a refreshing experience, so we’ve been very impressed with the levels of customer service.” - Alex Holmes, Derby College The Sign In App team recently exhibited the app at The Bett Show in January, the first show of the year for the education technology space where over 34,000 people from over 146 countries attend each year.

How is Sign In App helping to transform the education sector?

Knowledge really is power. Schools need to know exactly who is on site at all times and a digital visitor management system makes this easy. Organisations can see who has signed in and out of the building on their online portal, in addition to seeing which pupils and staff have signed in late or left early. Visitor badges can also be printed which makes it simple to identify approved visitors when they are walking around the building.

Emergency evacuations are also a lot safer when using a digital visitor management system like Sign In App. There’s no need to carry around a heavy visitor book when doing a roll call. Access an accurate, up-to-date evacuation list from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Roll calls may also be timed using Sign In App’s companion app on mobile devices and reports can be created to help streamline future evacuations.

Sign In App is competitively priced, creating a cost-effective solution for education establishments. A 12 month single site subscription starts from just £295 per year, and this includes all customer support, features and new releases.

Sign In App has signed in over 20 million people and has been installed in over 3800 receptions since its release in 2014, on a high footfall day over 125,000 people sign in using the app.

If you’re interested in finding out more about getting a Sign In App in your school or college, you can get in touch with the team on 0333 016 3551 or email Alternatively, visit the website where you can start a 15 day free trial.